Summer’s Last Hurrah

By Jack Canfora

I’ll start with a confession. I don’t really know if this is summer’s last hurrah. I haven’t heard it hurrah at all so far, at least I think I haven’t, but in another confession, I’ve never really heard anyone use hurrah in an unironic fashion, and basing what it would sound like on a snarky derision of it doesn’t feel fair. At a guess, I’d assume it probably sounds like, “Hurrah!” I’ve never used the word myself; I simply haven’t lived that kind that kind of life. Having gotten that out of the way, as we say goodbye to the summer of 2021, here’s a list of some of the things I’ve discovered during this (for me, anyway) far too short a season.

  • – Our climate is F*$%#d up. No further study is needed
  • – My resolution to start meditating has gone thus far unresolved. But there’s always the fall
  • – I realized how great it was to walk around mask free
  • – I’ve learned the sharp sting of tasting that masklessness only to wearing one again. Because even my narcissism doesn’t run that deep.
  • – The verb “Boris-Noris” was used in the 19th Century to mean to go on blindly, without any regard to risk or decency.
  • – That my energies and time devoted to bringing this phrase back into our vernacular could likely have been more productively spent.
  • – The stark realization that I’ve reached the age that, if I haven’t acquired a cool, snappy nickname already, I’m probably never going to.
  • – That the puppy I adopted in May will likely be roughly the size of a Mini Cooper before this month is out.
  • – That if you’re not feeling ok inside, no amount how great it is outside won’t help. Sometimes, it even makes it worse.
  • – That humidity and I will simply have to agree to disagree
  • – I didn’t go swimming enough.
  • – Several excellent books
  • – As jaded as I pretend to be about the Olympics, I become very emotionally invested in sports I normally wouldn’t watch if I given a generous grant to do so.
  • – America remans steadfastly dedicated to its toxic tribalism.
  • – That we all use the word “toxic” too much.
  • – That we are as far away from 1980 as 1939 was. I’ll give you a minute to get yourself together.
  • – That I’ve gotten slightly better at trying to appreciate, or at least sit in, the moment. But I still largely suck at it.
  • – That no one’s ever been persuaded of anything by anyone other themselves.
  • – That there’s a staggering beauty to the knowledge of how little of the world I’ll ever know.
  • – That hope is necessary, even if it sometimes feels ruthless.
  • – That both of children, in every measurable way except Beatles trivia, are better people than I am.
  • – That last one was a cheat. I knew it already, but the understanding grew deeper.
  • – That no matter how much I know it’s coming, the darkness inching in a bit earlier every night gives me a gentle kind of sadness.
  • – That I still, and probably always will, miss Alex Trebek
  • – That when compiling lists, I eventually hit a wall.

.I hope you’re making the most of things as the days grow shorter, or longer if you’re a Southern Hemisphere dweller.

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16 thoughts on “Summer’s Last Hurrah

  1. I needed a lot more than just a minute to gather myself after that 1980 bit, great observations regarding these last days of summer.

  2. Our planet is messed up..and as you say bye to summer mine finally begins and I say bye to a winter that seems like it was way too long this year. Great post and hope you enjoy the last remaining days of summer

  3. I really appreciate your wry writing. So many of these are so relateable, but even those that aren’t are entertaining because of the way you frame them. Thanks for the post; it was a melancholy amusement.

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