Question of the Day: No. 528

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Here’s a question for you:

If you could go back in time, say 10 or 20 years, and give yourself some advice, what would you say?

If I went back ten years or so, I would tell myself that the change you are looking for comes from accepting who you already are. I would also tell him there is no shame in asking for help.

I am curious to see if there any recurring themes. I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend ahead.


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81 thoughts on “Question of the Day: No. 528

  1. Great post. Say, twenty years ago, if I met myself, I would instruct myself to get myself a flip phone right away and begin a competent mastery of text lingo

    1. Love it! Telling yourself to become as tech savvy as possible would certainly put you in good stead for today’s world. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

    1. Yes! That’s why I mentioned acceptance myself. I believe that acceptance is life’s biggest lesson. The funny thing is, once you accept things as they are, you tend to get what you were after all along. Thank you Deb. Your advice resonates with me 🙏

  2. 20 years ago I would tell myself to dedicate a minimum of 15% (ideally 25%) of my income to investing and become as educated as possible on how mutual funds work. I’d be able to retire tomorrow if I had been more prudent. Financial freedom = ability to do positive things.

    1. I figured that caring more about your finances might pop up for a few people. I think it was Denzel Washington who said, “Do what you have to do, so you can do what you want to do.” I agree. Achieving finical freedom changes everything. Thank you Karac 🙏

    1. Good one. I’ve just had my second (I have a nearly 3 year old and a 4 month old) and time has suddenly become a much more valuable resource. I’m also been thinking about doing an online degree but finding the time is certainly an issue! How old are your kids out of interest?

      1. My kids are 8 and 6. I have tried doing night school, but I find it overwhelming. Especially in corona times with homeschooling. Oh, and also I was doing it in German. If I had done a degree in my home language, in my 20s it would have been much better. Ce la vie.

      2. I think COVID has made it difficult for many parents to strike that work/family/life balance. Still – sorting out your career before you have kids is great life advice. Make sure you know your place in the world before you bring kids into them. Hopefully kids will be back to school soon and you continue chasing your dreams. Wishing you well Brigadoon 🙏

  3. If I could go back ten years ago I would find a couple of really good RV spots for Winter and Summer and work harder on investing. The problem is: you can’t go back! So I am making the best of what I have, right now.

    1. Indeed. I’m hoping to get good advice from those who are both older and wiser than I for that reason. You’re the second person to mention investing. Spending more time thinking about my finances sounds like a sensible plan. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

    1. Hi Ang! I agree with that. I would add that telling yourself that you can is important too. Not because it will ease the nerves, but because once you pull off that task you’ve been dreading – instead of feeling relief you will gain confidence. Thank you 🙏

    1. Time is our most valuable resource. To live with the freedom we desire we must be willing to take chances. Thank you Cyrsti. Great advice 🙏

  4. If I could go back twenty years, I’d tell myself not to be so naïve and think logically before every decision. Being careful and straightforward is much better than getting yourself in a sticky situation that can’t be reversed but then only handled. The world isn’t a reflection of you and your values. So venture forth with wisdom. But I am where I am now because of my prior self. So nothing really is wasted. Thanks for this question – it makes one ponder.

    1. Interesting. Some people wish they had taken more risks and other people wish they hadn’t been so reckless. I suspected people would regret the things they didn’t try rather than playing it safe. However I think there’s a big difference between taking a calculated risk based on what you strongly believe your heart wants, versus simply being reckless and only ever doing what “feels good.” Thanks Terveen. You’ve got me thinking with that answer.

    2. I just have to chime in… “The world isn’t a reflection of you and your values.” This is such a truly profound wisdom. And yet, many people go through their entire lives in utter conflict because they can never figure this out. It’s great to be yourself, and each of us has to decide what that means. But there’s also a bigger world in which we also have to find a pragmatic way to function.

    1. I start everyday with a morning meditation ritual. I look for inner peace before I start my day. Thank you 🙏

    1. Great advice. Life is serious enough without us adding to it! That’s advice I could use too. Thanks Troy

  5. Knowing what I know now, I would have told myself to better connect with my dad before he was gone. But 20 years ago, I was already in the process of re-evaluating things while living in Thailand. I’d need to go back another ten years to really have made a difference from the start. (Yeah… I’m that old.) But I’ve actually thought about this before, and decided that I probably wouldn’t have listened to myself at that point in my life anyway. So… probably better to travel twenty years into the future and come back with something present me might actually use. 😉

    1. My ulterior motive is to get advice from those both older and wiser than I! Having a closer relationship with my own parents and making sure my own children have a close relationship with my parents is one of my priorities. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

      1. If I could go back I would tell my younger self not to put herself in a box, to create her own definition of what being herself means and to accept all parts of herself.

  6. I wouldn’t want have my younger self know anything different- all challenges and mistakes made led to the growth that occurred as a result

    1. That’s the right way to look it. Regret takes you away from the present, yet that’s the only place where we can put things right. My ulterior motive is to seek advice from those older and wiser than I. Thanks jeffw5382 🙏

  7. If I could meet my 10 year younger self, I’d say to her, go with your gut instinct more especially when it comes to people. If that person isn’t giving off a good vibe then walk away. Also, she doesn’t have to please everyone!!

    A phrase my Godmother gave me on a pair of socks and a mug recently (it was a cute gift but got the point across!)… “Dobby has no Master. Dobby is a FREE Elf.”

    I don’t have to please everyone and its ok to be myself. No-one can do that better than me!

    1. Giving less of a damn what others think is advice I’d give myself too. Trust your gut. Your heart knows what it wants – you just have to trust it. Love that Harry Potter quote! Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

    1. Resisting life is futile – we must learn to accept it, and go with the flow. I think that’s very important advice. Thank you Halbarbera 🙏

  8. I would tell myself. Stay strong, you will get through the storm, life won’t always be this hard! You’ll make it out the other side!

    1. There’s light at the end of any tunnel. Often the deeper the struggle the brighter the light is at the end. Thank you Carl Anne 🙏

  9. This damn decision that no one is supporting you on and seems so difficult is correct, listening to your heart is correct. You will be happy. Choose yourself. Choose your happiness.

    1. Your heart already knows what it wants, you just have to trust it. Sage advice. Thank you for sharing Aintamuggle 🙏

  10. I’d tell myself taking medication isn’t optional and to just fucking take it as prescribed. That would help prevent some disasters. :/

    1. To trust or not to trust our doctors – they’re not always right of course but we have to place our trust in someone. I choose the professionals. The alternative is chaos. Advice I think the whole world needs to heed at the moment. Thank you for sharing 🙏

  11. Its a great question!
    I would tell myself to be less impulsive and make choices by seriously thinking about its consequences. I don’t regret my experiences or decisions, but I feel certain decisions could have been taken in a more informed way.

    1. You’re the second person to say that. Following your heart doesn’t mean you have to be reckless. You can take a calculated risk based on what you know you heart really wants versus simply doing what feels good. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

  12. Good question! I’d have said be patient with yourself, you are doing a great job. Don’t mind about others opinions. Just make sure to be consistent and respect yourself.

    1. Love yourself and stop caring what others think so much. Can’t argue with that advice. Thank you Michele 🙏

    1. I’m beginning to think that might be good advice for me at the moment. Hong Kong has seen better days. Thank you Alessandra 🙏

  13. Great question AP2…If I was to go back 10 years: I would say stop being extremely hard on yourself. Stop pleasing everyone & be kind to yourself Bernie. Having 2 little ones certainly changed that, putting a whole new perspective on life. I’m also with you on accepting who you are (thats a big one). Have a great weekend 😊🙏

    1. Learning to love and accept who you are while caring less what others think go hand in hand. It’s the same story for me Bernie. Having kids changed me in a significant way. Thank you for sharing your thoughts 🙏

    1. Lots of people have said something similar. Follow your heart. Trust your gut. Don’t hesitate to make a change if you know that’s what you want. Thank you 🙏

  14. I would go ten years back and say that good things will come in life and that I should show keen interest in education. I would also say not to fall into toxic relationships.

    1. Education is freedom. So many people I know wish they had paid more attention at school. I would add avoid toxic environments as well as toxic people! Some workplace environments are awful. Thank you for sharing your wisdom 🙏

    1. Yes! I find you have those who either give up too quickly or don’t go after what they want at all. Don’t wait for the perfect opportunity just get started! At the same time, be patient. Perseverance pays off. Great advice thank you 🙏

  15. Trust in my own abilities. Accept responsibility for my decisions. Take constructive criticism, just don’t let it rule every decision you make or let it negatively affect you. Some people may have your best interest at heart, others don’t. Sometimes you just need to take ‘that leap of faith’ and learn from what worked and what didn’t.

    1. Believe in yourself and take full responsibility for your life. Taking criticism with a pinch of salt – yes!! I like your thoughts about people having your interests at heart. Listen to those who love you, don’t care what anyone else thinks. Sometimes we have to take that leap of faith to learn what we really want. All excellent advice. Thank you sharlene25

  16. Hey AP!

    I’d tell my younger self that good things take time. When we are younger, we get easily frustrated, even disillusioned, when things don’t go our way. Yet there’s a lot of wisdom and lessons to be learned in that period of waiting. Patience, endurance and resilience, really build character.

    It’s good to read from you buddy!

    Excellent work!

    Stay safe!

    1. Hey Billy. You are wise beyond your years. Perseverance pays off. Like you say, it builds character and self belief. Good to hear from you too buddy! Take it easy 🙏

  17. I wouldn’t. I’ve had ups and downs but I wouldn’t want to change all the mistakes I’ve learnt from or spoil the good surprises

    1. I figured a few might say that. The lessons we would give ourselves – are from the mistakes we had to make in order to learn them. Very good point. Thank you 🙏

  18. i would have advice myself to calm down , you have the potential to win every race . just be confident and not to take life too seriously .. enjoy your childhood ..

    1. Being able to laugh at yourself demonstrates emotional resilience in my eyes. Great advice. Thank you for sharing 🙏

  19. Pay attention to who you are and what you feel is best for you instead of automatically succumbing to the idea that you need to do what is best according to other opinions so that THEY will feel better.

  20. I think I would tell myself to be friendlier when saying hi to someone. I’ve always been a little introverted and a little awkward, and a lot of times I will avoid saying hi to someone I know when I see them out and about. My excuse to myself has always been “I’m shy” but when I see someone I know and they don’t wave or say hi, I just think they’re rude (which is unfair, because they are doing what i always do… But that shows me how i come off to others, probably). I guess aside from being shy, I’m also afraid of rejection, and I hate when I wave at someone and I don’t get reciprocated. So in response I would choose to not say hi to ANYONE because of a few that didn’t reciprocate. But now I feel like I would rather err on the side of being too friendly, than err on the side of being rude. It’s still a work in progress, that’s why I have so many thoughts on it. Haha

    1. Thank you for sharing your thoughts ashjones93. I would say that kindness is king. We don’t know what’s going on beneath the surface or why. Many of us don’t know how har our kindness extends. I believe it’s further than many of us think. My other feeling is kindness expressed outward extends inward as well. Do it purely from the goodness of your heart and expect nothing in return. Do it because it makes you feel good about yourself. If others respond in kind then that’s just a bonus. Wishing you well 🙏

  21. Pretty much similar to yours, I don’t feel I would want to change anything though, it has made me who Iam today💙

  22. Great question. Off the top of my head right now, I would tell myself to be patient with myself. There is no hurry to complete things, or to feel a particular way. Be patient.

    1. Patience is so important in this life, along with acceptance – which go hand in hand. Thanks Hamish – hope you’re well 🙏

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