TikTok: Ditch or Download? An Investigation.

Hello my fellow blogging friends! I hope you’ve all been enjoying May so far. I, personally, cannot believe 2021 is almost halfway over. So what’s trending these days?

The entertainment industry is constantly looking for the next best thing. What’s going to catch people’s attention this time? The trending social app, TikTok, has answered that question.

Users dance to music, lip-sync to trending songs, and share challenges. Cleaning hacks? DIY tricks? Stock exchange secrets? Dance challenges? TikTok has a niche for you.

When TikTok first came out, I rejected it. I didn’t get the point and it was taken by an absolute storm by the generation younger than me. Candidly, it made me feel outdated, out-of-touch, old. Blah! Who likes to feel like that?

Thus, I didn’t download it. I secluded myself, as I did with almost all social media (besides this bright blogging community here). But then I realized my seclusion led me to feel exclusion, even if it was only me who was labeling myself as an outsider.

So I downloaded it and I learned a few things:

  • It’s nice to have boundaries with social media, but it’s also nice to feel that human connection we all desire—balance is key.
  • We’re more similar than dissimilar—relevant for more than just social media.
  • If you feel like an ‘outsider,’ it’s probably just your own internalization. Everyone else is more worried about themselves.

Ditch or download? Up to you. But don’t isolate yourself from human connection because it’s a fundamental need for our existence. Social media gets a bad rap because of it’s addictive nature, but in moderation can be a tool to connect to others who share the same interests and passions as you.

Have you jumped on the TikTok bandwagon? What’s your favorite app to connect with others?


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23 thoughts on “TikTok: Ditch or Download? An Investigation.

  1. I have to admit that there are certainly pros and cons to tiktok. I think tiktok is so good at figuring out the best algorithm for its users. It makes it very addictive, but when you are on the right side of the app you can also actually learn something new or find your own community. If I didn’t have an app that limits the time I spend online, I would be on tiktok for at least 2 hours every single day 😂

    1. Most certainly! TikTok definitely has a great algorithm, almost too good lol. I find app limits very helpful too, helps me stay connected when I wish to but then I think it’s important to have self-disciplined limits as well. For example for the mornings and on busy days I won’t touch social media so I can focus on my priorities first.

  2. I use all the biggies, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, I view TikTok and find it informative and entertaining- Mango the seal’s passing actually made me cry 😭. My favorite is WordPress

    1. It’s crazy how attached we can get to the relationships we form online! That’s great you find it informative and entertaining–sounds like you’ve got the balance calibrated pretty well 🙂

  3. I skip SnapChat entirely, and am hit and miss on Instagram. I love TikTok when I open it: I often forget. I’m more of a social media stalker than interact-er. Thus, the platform is less relevant for me than for people who interact seriously. WP is the only platform I significantly interact on, and that level is still marginal.

    1. I also haven’t had snapchat for a while–since 2019. And in the mornings and periods where I need to focus (job searching, retreats, etc.) I won’t use social media at all. But I have found it great to keep me connected when I choose it 🙂

  4. “We’re more similar than dissimilar”

    If only the internet would show us this rather than making it incredibly easy to surround ourselves in our social bubbles where everyone competes to see who can conform the best and everyone outside the bubble is considered a little less human.

    1. That’s a good point. The algorithm pulls more and more of the same type of person it sees you interact with, which can create tunnel vision and a false view of the world…. Great point here, friend.

  5. I’m now an old man, though still young in spirit. I’m pretty active on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, all of which I already spend far too much time on. I’m going to avoid Tik Tok, as I see no need for it.

  6. Tiktok would be better with a NSFW on some videos. Age range for TT is 13+. Where recently I have found myself on clapper which is a 18+ site so a little more freedom about what can be shown or done. But yes ticktok needs a blurry option on 18+ videos

  7. You’ve hit the nail on the head. Find a way to connect healthily and meaningfully in the ways we can, which can be a bit more difficult in the current world environment. But make sure that *healthy* is in their. Seclusion, or on the flipside overstimulation, can lead to harmful results. I connect with others here through WordPress mostly, and stay in tough with friends through Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. I have a Twitter account, which will be used as I attempt to ramp up my author profile and connect with the authoring community (well known and more indie style) as I go!

  8. Tiktok actually makes a lot of sense to me. Some people say it’s all about dance or some common rubbish of the sort but it’s depending on your interest. Some teens like me love dance and comedy and find tiktok very useful. Tiktok is also very lucrative and as long as you have talent, it wont be hard for you to earn good cash. Take a look at Addison Rae, where does her source of income come from?

  9. Yes, Tiktok has resulted in teens to become independent and earn themselves a good sum of money from endorsements and promotion but I think Tiktok is a place for manipulation and a place to waste. Plus, half of the stuff on tiktok is too cringe. I’d rather not use it. I’m a teen as well. Love the Blogs tho!!Cheers!!

  10. Tik Tok is just too impersonal for me. I don’t seem to have enough hours in my day without additional mindless entertainment.

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