Tell Me About a Time When…

Whether you believe in luck, fate, or other mysterious ways in which this world works, we’ve all experienced it. Something too coincidental to be accidental.

Tell me about a time when you experienced something that happened for a reason, something that was meant to be…

I can share two of mine:

  • The morning I quit social media to focus on finding a job, I got a job offer
  • The week after I decided I was going to focus on myself, I met the love of my life

Although we may not realize it at the time, life works in mysterious, beautiful ways, doesn’t it? 🙂

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30 thoughts on “Tell Me About a Time When…

  1. I’ve got a couple…
    #1. When I was with my 1st husband I decided I had enough of waiting for him to get a job so I decided I would get one. That very same day I went out applying for jobs and got one.

    #2. I decided I wouldn’t take any more abuse from my very last relationship, stayed single for two years, then met my husband of sixteen years.

    1. Hi Sheryl and thanks for sharing! It’s funny when “luck” or whatever you may call it runs in our favor. Whether hard work or fate, I still believe everything happens for a reason. I’m happy you found the courage to leave a tough relationship, and that it worked out it the end. Take care! ~Ellen

      1. It is not vague at all.. being me is not being like anyone else in spite of what social ideology may try to dictate… 🙂

        “Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone’s version of reality is not your reality.” Shannon L. Alder

  2. I really don’t know. I am superstitious about dates, so I tend to believe that if November 2 is a Friday, I’ll have a significant (usually bad) epiphany. It happened in both 2001 and 2007, but 2012 and 2018 were pretty insignificant.

    1. Hi Astrid, thanks for sharing! It’s weird how sometimes when we start looking for something we see more of it, but it still feels like it’s not normal, that something strange is happening. Hopefully no more bad epiphanies for a few more years now!! Take care, Ellen

  3. Wow those two examples are such good ones! I don’t think I’ve had such a life changing “luck” play in my favor. Not being cynical, but i doubt it ever will.

    1. Hi Srilata, thanks! I have had some time to think about mine, so maybe you’ve had something similar but it didn’t strike you as that. Maybe you attributed it to hard work or something else! And regardless of luck and whatnot, I’m sure you still have many good things in store for you ahead. Cheers, El

  4. There have been so many times I was looking for one thing but found something else extraordinarily special that I really needed at that very moment:
    (1) Relocating 1,000 miles away for a graduate school but finding the perfect career that could’ve only happened in that town and one other place on Earth.
    (2) Meeting an acquaintance for dinner in a small alleyway half a world away, and ‘accidentally’ joining a dear friend in that very alley (neither of us knew we were in the same city/country).
    (3) Rushing across a college campus for a sporting event, and literally bumping into an acquaintance that became a close friend over dinner because of that particular ‘accident’ – eventually losing touch (pre-internet) until rekindling that friendship in the same town 32 years later. We are close today Thank God.
    (4) Visiting a monument with great personal meaning for the first time – on an ordinary day – and having my experience published because of a chance meeting with the author who was a first-time visitor that same day.
    (5) Gave up on attending an event due to delays, but eventually arrived to find that strangers had prepared for me without any prior communication (and no I’m not famous – Haha).
    (6) Having a mentor and friend teach me the value of relationships from beyond the grave. I miss them, but I won’t miss the next opportunity to build/rediscover a friendship.

    1. It’s always great to hear from you and I appreciate you sharing some of these moments! Your second one seems quite familiar and sounds like it could only be explained by fate 😉

      Also, wow, rekindling a friendship after 32 years. I can’t even fathom that because that’s almost twice my lifetime. The irony between life getting more predictable as you get older with life getting crazier is quite heavy. Also, you have a great memory and some amazing things to remember for all these stories! Quite aspirational…

  5. 1) The day I called my part-time employer for a leave of absences due to a personal issue. After 10 minutes on the phone, I was awaiting a call to enter into an in-patient program for PTSD. This changed my life in too many ways to express here.

    2) The day I contacted an ex-girlfriend just to communicate with someone during my divorce. Now, 9 years later we are planning our wedding. Between us, we have 4 kids and have started a new life for both of us.

    1. Hi Ken, thanks for sharing. For the first instance you mentioned, I hope that something positive was borne from that experience. Maybe unlikely, but possible nonetheless. Also, that’s a beautiful, unexpected story of how you reconnected with your wife. Sometimes dark clouds bring sunshine and rainbows, even though it might seem impossible in the moment… definitely a good reminder. Thanks again for sharing. ~E

  6. Great topic!

    Years ago, not long after getting out of graduate school, I found myself suddenly unemployed and on the dole. I pounded the pavement daily but couldn’t find work. Then, one day, while I was killing a little time–being jobless, I had plenty of free time–I saw an ad for the US Peace Corps in the back of a magazine. A light went off in my head. I immediately applied and was eventually accepted. That changed the course of my life, and I ended up spending nearly two decades living abroad, in a variety of wonderful locales.

    At the time all this was happening, I was very angry about being unemployed. Now, I can say it was a wonderful blessing that all that took place. I know it may sound corny, but my dark cloud definitely had a silver lining.

    1. I can definitely relate with you, Troy, One of my darkest moments was missing out on my college soccer seasons because of multiple knee surgeries. Everything I had built my whole life around was taken away from me. Could I have prevented the injury? I’m not sure. I still struggle with this everytime I think about the sport.

      But, this dark cloud opened up a door–a door I would’ve never considered before. I saw studying abroad as an option for the first time since I wouldn’t be missing anything during our off season. Thus, I went on to study abroad multiple times which completely changed the direction of my life. It’s bitter sweet, but looking back I can see how everything happens for a reason….

  7. Similar to me when I met the love of my life, my twin flame.

    I was in an abusive relationship of 5 years, and during a the summer when I realised he was playing games with me to punish me, I went to therapy to try and get my head around it all. Over the few months I started to plan to leave, I slowly came to terms with it, with the ‘grief’ of losing a relationship (whilst he was still in my home) I finally got in that mindset that I wanted to be single and free, and I yearned for this more than anything. I was planning my next years celibate, solo, raising my daughter and I couldn’t wait. I wanted this more than anything in the world – but I had to be careful breaking this relationship off first.

    On November 24th, I came across a man on social media who I thought I recognised and knew. I never add people I don’t know on Instagram but I was so pulled towards him, he was so familiar. So I followed him. I knew instantly he was going to message. I looked at my phone for a few minutes until a message came through ‘hey, do I know you yet?’

    And that was the start of my wonderful relationship. Loads more coincidences after that – him being in the same place as me but years apart, distant relations, loads of universe clues etc etc. It’s been a bizarre and wonderful journey and I am so grateful for life.

    1. Hi Megan, thanks so much for sharing! First of all, you should be really proud of yourself for finding the courage to get out of that tough relationship. I can’t imagine but I am glad you got through it, and then the universe sent you your “twin flame.” It’s great to hear stories like that. Wishing health and happiness for you and your family! <3Ellen

  8. I was at my desk in my living room – working from home – when I thought, “I didn’t come to London for this life. I wanted to sing and act.” I logged on to Gumtree and searched for bands who were looking for a singer. I applied to a couple and heard back from one of them.
    The singer of that band was considering leaving and the drummer had decided to start looking for someone else. When the other band members found out he had placed the ad, they asked him to take it down. The ad was only online for 4 hours and it was during that window that inspiration hit me.
    I didn’t end up singing with that band but I’ve been with the drummer for 15 years and we have two wonderful children together. 🙂

      1. 🙂 I like to think so. Sometimes we take each other for granted but whenever we share that story, we’re reminded of how amazingly lucky we were to find each other.

  9. Two things at the beginning of this year come to mind.

    1. I was hired to a job three days before we went into lockdown, and was able to learn my job and work remotely. I’m still in this job.
    2. I was able to move into the apartment my sister, her partner, and another friend were living in for the duration of lockdown. I’m still there now that we are out the other side of our first lockdown.

    Thank you for sharing your stories of things to coincidental to be coincedence and encouraging us to share ours too.

    1. Isn’t it funny how when we look back we can see how things were unseemingly working out perfectly, but in the moment we had no idea? thanks for sharing, and I’m super happy you’ve been able to learn your new job and get used to working remotely I’m in a similar boat 🙂

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