Where are the dreams II

Now Let’s discuss about the question of my previous blog Where are the dreams? (I), that is, “Why they are doing so ?”

A very simple answer to this question is, ‘Due to a lot of corruption and problems in India.’

Now let’s examine it profoundly.

India is still a country which is facing several issues, social problems and a lot of malpractices. There’s a lot of corruption here, no strict rules on anyone, poor people are becoming poorer, rich people are becoming richer. In some places, people are dying out because of insufficient food and water supply. Degree holders are not getting jobs. If somehow they do, then they aren’t paid well. There’s extremism on every side. But just think about one thing that….. Who does corruption?







Yes, the people do everything. The people do corruption, the people do intellectualism. The people rise sinfulness, the people rise purism. Everything is done by human beings…

Now India is a corrupted country. But who made this country corrupted?

The People.

And who can erase this corruption?

Obviously,…The people.

But what the people are practicing here is just defamation over each other. One person tries to degrade the other that he is evil, he is bad, he don’t think about the humanity etc. etc…. and the next one also repeat the same exercise on his competitor. But neither is thinking about the country or humanity. They just try to cloak themselves in a good appearance.

Now we turn back to our Punjab students……..

So Why they think that there’s no future in India ?…..

They think so because they think that they won’t get any job here. If they live here, their lives would be spoiled. Their whole life will be sorrowful in India. They won’t earn much money etcetera etcetera…From one point, they are absolutely right. They won’t get any job here, because there is a big competition in India for jobs as it is a populated country and only the warriors survive here. But the students of Punjab are afraid of competitions and failures and it is the truth (yes, I believe). They don’t want any troubles and struggles in life. They don’t want any competitions. That’s why……….they simply escape and choose to leave the battle by demoralizing the country.

So meanwhile,

The Punjab youngsters don’t want to contribute to the development of their own country.

They don’t want to compete with anyone.

They don’t want struggles.

What do they want?

Well, they want to settle in other countries.

They want to develop that countries more, who have already developed.

They want to do the Servant Scullery jobs in other countries.

They want to forbid their own interests and dreams for the sake of money.

That’s all what they want.

I really want to stretch this topic more and I will do. I’ll write more about this issue.

In my next blog, I will discuss what a middle-class student does to go foreign?

If you have any question or objection from my blogs, then please write in comments. We’ll discuss them there.

Thank you for reading!

Stay tuned for the next story!

B. M.

11 thoughts on “Where are the dreams II

  1. A lot of what you mentioned is why the Mexicans have been crossing the border to establish a life in the US. I remember talking to an migrant farm worker who told me about the village they lived in and how they had to travel to get water from a well. The home they lived in had dirt floors and they had to hunt to eat meat and protect their homes. The American dream promised indoor plumbing, stores with meat packaged and up for sale.

      1. I haven’t ever been there to see or studied to know the amount of corruption in Mexico. Please forgive me for my ignorance of that fact. My only intention was to share what I know from working in a medical clinic serving the needs of migrant farm workers.

      1. That and the ripping away of Civil Rights, the intense pressure on the lowest on the ladder of success to boost up those higher, the complete disrespect for our laws…
        I’ve considered starting over someplace else. i don’t have the resources to do so; and not just financially. And it makes me wonder if I were physically and emotionally healthier if I wouldn’t just say “screw it” and go some place, and work for crap pay, until I could get in “legally”.

      2. That’s sad to hear!!……
        I have also heard many news about Trump that he’s shutting down and that Emergency stuff……
        I think he’s ripping off the country….

  2. It is a misnomer to believe that any form of growth can occur without the tension present in establishing a vision and engaging the work needed to make it a reality. Life is not a dress rehearsal, and dreams are not given, but earned. I don’t know if it is just a problem in India, bilirubin a world problem with entitlement philosophy. As you allude to, animals must create the life they live or they simply demise. Great article.

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