The Story Without A Title

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Oh wait, you already saw it…

I don’t know what I’m going to write today!

I just wished to write something different. I was bored of do-this-do-that stuff.Even my homepage is full of stories I don’t want to read.

Right now, a beautiful and soothing meditation music is playing behind me. I’m not feeling charged today. But I am feeling inspired.

And with the above sentence, I get the light to start a post.

Super Charge…and then Super Drain…

When I am looking for instant motivation from somewhere, I am bound to get demotivated after some time. Why?

I’m not being rude, but this is the sad truth for all of us. Eat the damn frog first! Otherwise, it’ll keep croaking around.

If I’m so vulnerable to any source for motivation, then won’t that happen with demotivation?

If a source can induce motivation so easily, then demotivating me won’t be a problem for many other sources won’t be a problem! Would it?

I am so empty from inside that I run to several places for motivation. Easy motivation. Since everything in my life seems so normal and tasteless that it can’t motivate me!

And that’s why, I’m looking for a gush of charge and energy so that I may jump in right now and…and do some incredible stuff, perhaps!

But I’m so gullible, that anybody or anything can motivate me. And at the same time, anyone or anything can demotivate me.

The strength, the motivation, and the charge. These are not coming from a source powerful enough. They need to come from a place that is trustworthy. Somewhere from deep within my own self. I have clung on to the outside world enough. Now, I’ll take a turn inside.

Look In The Mirror

I really mean it! A source which I’ve been looking for is gaping at me in the mirror. Isn’t it exciting!?

Till the time we ourselves don’t inspire ourselves. Not motivate. Inspire. Things are far from getting stable.

Motivation drops down instantly. Inspiration keeps us happy and motivated automatically. I don’t need to do something for motivation. It’ll happen to me.

An hour earlier, I was feeling super elated! Happy for life, happy about my family, happy about what I had and every single thing around me! They looked like gifts to me!

Even my younger brother, after so many days, came and hugged me voluntarily. All of a sudden.

I’ve made mistakes since then. But none are letting me down. In fact, I’m happy as I fix them. As I continue my journey.

There’s something within me that has made me ecstatic again. I don’t know what. But it’s the probably the living spirit within me.

But I’m finally ready to get back in the game. I don’t need external stimulants to motivate and fire me up. I feel contented.


Inspiration is being thankful to life. Inspiration is being thankful to the people around. Inspiration is self-satisfaction. Inspiration is love for whatever you do.

Inspiration can’t be forced. If I’m loving everything around. If I’m grateful to everything around. If I’m helpful for everything around. I’m inspired.

I just started with this post with absolutely no idea in the head. My head cloud was blank. But things happened anyway. Words were typed, anyway. An idea came, anyway! There’s no way I can cry about life, anyway! (I’m starting to like the word “anyway”, anyway!)

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12 thoughts on “The Story Without A Title

  1. Probably some of your most solid advice yet. I think failure to internalize the motivation is why most people fail at goals and resolutions also. External motivation may be fine for a jump start, but only internal, personal motivation will carry you the distance.

  2. I’m glad you are turning things around because the first part of the post was an example of how not to be. No offense but so many people chase after things and never stop to listen to themselves or light the fire within. I’m glad you understand that now. When you truly like yourself and enjoy your company then you will be really happy.

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