I Am Willing To Trust Myself


Today I was going through the Medium profiles and articles by famous writers. And I could see how their articles had spread like wildfire.

They had great content that brought them immense attention and acknowledgment overnight.

And now they are telling people how to increase their Medium viewership and stuff.

Even I want that because my stats chart lays dead! 😆 It needs resurrection.

I read a lot of success stories where writers were having their articles going viral. Some had their Quora answers featured on top publications online. Some articles were being favored by the editors and were receiving bonuses.


But to be honest, reading all this stuff was a torture for me.

Because I started demeaning myself.

The Others Are Good Doesn’t Mean That You Are Trash

A basic pattern that I’ve observed in most of us, is that when we see others flourish, we curse ourselves. We tell ourselves that we are doing nothing. And there are all the big players already out there, way ahead.

I have no chance.

😩 😔 😭

Discouraging ourselves

  • because we can’t write viral articles.
  • because we can’t get 20k views in 30 days.
  • because no one cares about our articles.
  • because our work isn’t getting much acknowledgment.
  • because Ernest Hemingway is better than us. 😉

After a point, we need petty excuses to tell ourselves that we are not worth it.

If I did a major mistake, I’m not a good writer.

If I see someone else doing better than me, I’m not a good writer.

If I see no claps, I’m not a good writer.

If I’m making too many mistakes, I’m not a good writer.

I find one critic, and I’m not a good writer.

Basically, I’m telling myself that I’m not a good writer.

There are a million awesome writers out there. Can you compete with all of them, that too at once?

Don’t you want to take yourself to the next level, before you can give others a healthy competition?

Others are good, so let them be. But that doesn’t mean you’re a piece of junk!

⚠️ Stop The Tagging System Over Yourself ⚠️

I couldn’t find a better phrase than this. But it is very true. That you need to stop putting a value tag on yourself.

We either undervalue or overvalue ourselves. That is stupid. A value or price tag isn’t for someone like you, or me. It is not even supposed to label.

You’re priceless!

Simply because some of your articles or exam sheet look like trash, you can’t tag yourself on that basis!

We keep dragging ourselves through this price tag roller coaster.

Something good happens to us, so we are good. Something excellent happens to us, so we are excellent. Something bad happens to us, so we are now labeled bad. Something shitty happens to us, so we are shitty!

Congrats shitty person!

Now you’re a shitty person. Here’s the accolade. 🏆

How can we live and work with such labels hanging over our heads? Imagine the quality of your output now.

Output of our writing, speeches, discussions, family-time or normal lifestyle.

It’s the wrong spectacles that you’re wearing right now. Crack it to pieces. It’s harming your eyes.

But There’s Some Good News…You’re Unstoppable

I read this fact in many books by Wayne Dyer and Deepak Chopra, that we’re a creation of the ultimate creator.

And not just a creation, but a perfect creation!

If I’m the perfect creation of the ultimate creator, how can I be anything less?


I may be going slow at my progress. It could be any reason. I don’t know. That is also something that the creator will know.

But what’s my job then?

My job is to just do. To improve. And then leave the details to the creator and its universe.

And more than anything, I have to trust myself and my creator. Pure trust. Having unshakable faith in my dream, aspiration, work, and potential.

I am unstoppable. I don’t need to do anything special to feel unstoppable. As these words get typed out,it feels unstoppable. It feels as if I’ve made another ripple in the ocean of the creative energy.

When You’re Off The Hook

If I’m feeling empty, it means I’ve missed on something. I am now disconnected.

A few hours ago from now, I was feeling very empty. Very lonely in what I was doing. Everything seemed directionless and vague.

I had a lot of doubts going on in my head. What was I doing? Why was I doing? Although I knew the answers to these questions pretty well.

But many times, when you feel empty, negativity gets a hole to enter. Negative thoughts arise and draw your attention and energy.

So the answers you’ll get may not always be correct. They could also be coming from the negative influence on you!

So don’t let anything influence you, accept your conscience.


Before writing this article, I was dull, dead and (still thinking for a good adjective!)

Negativity had found a place in me which was disconnecting me from my source. From my inspiration.

I was comparing, judging and craving for some assumed better future circumstance.

There is no future or past to compare with or cry about. There is only the now with which we have to deal.

“For all practical matters, there is one challenge-to cope with this moment!” — Prakash Kushwah

I always used to think. How should I let go of myself and allow the work to be done?

Well, I found the answer! By being. By staying here and now.

Your source is whatever there is. It can only come now. And you’ll miss the chance if you’re not now. If you’re not in coordination with what is.

Trust yourself. You’ll make it. Don’t send any negative message to yourself or the universe. It’ll get confused and you’ll meet a confused result.

I’m done with confusion! Are you?


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16 thoughts on “I Am Willing To Trust Myself

  1. I write because I enjoy writing. I publish it because it makes me vulnerable and accountable. If others find value in it, good. If not, ok. Their opinion is none of my business. Have a happy day and write what your soul sings.

    1. My soul doesn’t sing it whispers promises of worlds unseen I write because if I don’t get this out of my head and onto the page I’ll go crazy. The goal is always to be understood and to understand others, with a little bit of fun thrown in for flavouring


  2. I have been there as well. What helped me was the shift I tried to apply as much as possible: rather than writing for other people, I write for myself and as long as I myself am happy with it, results dont matter. Results might follow this shift or they may not. But that is not my concern.

  3. This really spoke to me – I recently tried navigating twitter under my blog identity, and it just felt so draining and discouraging. Trying to produce quick quips and content for some vast, empty universe of people out there. Ugh, I dunno. What has been your experience with social media + blogging?

    1. I don’t know. I don’t pay so much attention to social media and I keep minimum platforms. I use only twitter to promote my work. All I do is just share my posts and done. So it’s barely an inconvenience! Thanks for stopping by and letting us know your thoughts!

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