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Looking after yourself is not selfish or self-indulgent ~ it is a necessity! In our busy day-to-day lives we might not always take the time to check in with our Self. So please, I would like you to make yourself a comforting hot drink in your favourite mug, get comfortable, and spend an hour or […] […]

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I completely a tarot reading for myself on my blog using a spread that a fellow wp blogger friend, Tarotmum13, created. (her original post, my reading)

I’m sharing it here with you all as a reminder that you need to learn to take care of your own self – HOWEVER! And I want to really highlight and underline this very sticking point – do not consider your physical body (its needs and pleasures) any less worthy than that of your heart, mind or spirit. You must take care of your inner self and INCLUDING what makes up your inner cells.

You are a complex creature of subtle spectral wants and needs that come together o form a whole and complete human. As individuals we are impossibly complex to fully understand and thus you have quite widespread “who am I?” “what is my life?” “is there a purpose?” “what even matters?”

Let’s make this very short, simple and sweet, because you don’t really need a teacher to teach you what you already know. But as a teacher I also know that sometimes we do need a teeny TINY (or extra giant) PUSH (shove)! to remind us of the thingy..

(y)OUR WELLBEING = 4 areas

  1. Physical – regardless how much or little important you put on this,  yo need a body to live. health, hygiene, survival, shelter, food,
  2. Emotional – you need to feel your emotions, allow them to wash over you and through you. Think of it as a
  3. Mental – keep your mind active. Read, write, learn, try! If you don’t use it you will certainly lose it to atrophy and rot.
  4. Spiritual – This is listening to the inner child within you. Being true to yourself. Seeing the world and yourself for what it is. Do not allow yourself to be deceived. When you exit the cave it can be overwhelmingly bright and the very first being to assist you may have ulterior motives. All because they were “there first” doesn’t mean you should doubt yourself. BECAUSE IN ALL HONESTY, You were there before they were. YOU KNOW YOURSELF FROM BEFORE YOU ENTERED THE WORLD.

Trust yourself. Trust you. No one can help you if you don’t at first believe in you.


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  1. Awesome insights! And we also need to be aware that we need to look for help to receive it. We can receive all the help in the world, but if we look away and ignore it, it’s useless.

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