|| Gigantic Network of Philosophical Concepts ||

How many posts have you read so far on WordPress related to philosophical topics, mental health, and life ? How many videos have you watched regarding the same ?

Don’t you think they are pointing out in a same direction ? Don’t you think you’re watch or reading the same semantics again and again but in a slightly different way everytime ?

Every single aspect of life is networked with each other. One aspect is further divided into other aspects and they’re mutually networked with each other. Then this large network of one aspect make connection with all the other aspects framed just like this. Thus, the whole aspects of life make a Gigantic Network of Aspects, which is collectively known as ‘Philosophy’.

Philosophy is just like a tree, you start to understand this from whichever point, In the end you will fall to its roots. The more spicy fact is that If you start to explore it from a little concept or definition, the rest of definitions and concepts will come under that single concept. Therefore, not any single thing will be left unlearned or inexperienced by you. For Instance, If I say ‘Don’t give up’ and ‘Stop Narcissism’, then I’m saying the same thing, but in two different ways. Their direction and ways are the same. It’s up to you what you understand more easily.

There are lot of ways to understand only one thing and there’s a solid reason that why there are so many ways of one destination. The fact is that each human being’s brain is different in the expressions of thinking and thoughts as the Information stored in them is different from each other, nonetheless all the brains work in a same manner. Therefore, every person is not capable of understanding the things in only one fixed way. For example, one can understand the term ‘Believe’ by reading spiritual books but the other use WordPress motivational articles on Believe to explore it. Both are getting exactly the same knowledge, but in two different ways according to their own choices.

Each blogger or writer has his own style to represent his thoughts to the readers. He takes his ideas from a different catalogue of life, whilst suppose any other writer on the contrary, he explores the life in a unique way too. This beautiful thing is not limited to the graceful stride, like the other things, it’s also horrible on one phase. It causes a tremendous havoc of conflicts between the human beings. Everyone says that what he is saying or writing, is the universal truth and the whole humanity is subjected to adhere his chapters. The whole world is saying exactly the same thing, that’s why there’s a lot of conflict in the world. The resultant is now tells that nobody knows the truth and the reality of life. There’s no wisdom, there’s no knowledge. The whole world is in the Dark. Indeed, It is.

Thanks for reading !

B. M.

10 thoughts on “|| Gigantic Network of Philosophical Concepts ||

  1. I completely agree!!… I’ll refrain from putting on my tin foil hat, though (it’s getting rather thick these days and my poor little noggin can barely hold it upright!) but, people defintitely have their own ways of expressing themselves… But, at the same time I feel that we all just talk in circles…

  2. Indeed, it is a difficult thing to get at exactly what CAN be known in the first place.

    Since we all possess a subjective point of view, all of our judgments, interpretations, and empirical observations are totally subjective.

    Thanks for sharing!

      1. -It could very well be possible to observe a problem and hypothesize that a certain philosophy could get one through it successfully
        -then one would have to observe enough constants vs. variables (that is with or without the philosophy)
        -then analyze and see if there were any differences, or anything coherent to learn from the observations
        – then the challenge of communicating what was learned with others so that they can test it too, and get value.
        Not always easy.

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