The Awesome Impact Award Nomination

capture_awesome-e1537608070802  Thank you MSP for nominating me to this award. I love how this award is named and I cannot find the words to express my gratitude for this. Thank you!

The Rules

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  • Describe an incident that impacted your life in a really positive way.
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The Incident

   My story is not about an incident, but about I decision I made a while back. It was a certain point in life when I was frustrated because of my financial resources and I thought it would be a good idea to start an ecommerce business. After overthinking about a year or two about this, I finally started it which was a challenge because I had no idea how many aspects running a business can involve.

   I went to some seminars about how to grow a business and I’ve read things about it so I thought I was ready. I started it and after one year I had to close it because of the lack of sales. First, I didn’t understand why because my marketing was ok and I’ve done almost everything by the book. I say almost everything because I ignored one key factor and I figured it out too late: know your customer. This is crucial for every business. I promoted my products (clothes) on social media, to friends and through Google Adwords, but the potential customers weren’t online. My clothes were more appreciated by people that are not there and when I realized it, I created a physical catalog which I shared with some family members and they shared it with some of their colleagues so I managed to have some sales, but it wasn’t enough to keep the business going.

   It had a very positive impact because now I know the basics of a business, I know what mistakes I have done and I’ve learned some know things, like working with Photoshop. I’ve also learned that the type of business I started back then is not for me because I don’t like clothes that much so I couldn’t be that convincing. I wasn’t fulfilled about what I was doing. I’ve also learned to better manage money.

   Each experience has its lessons. I hope I took the best ones from this.

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    1. Don’t worry. I still recognize you even if you don’t do awards. The recognition is for your past activity, not for the future one! 🙂

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