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   Jay Shetty is a former monk that now is a host, storyteller and a viral content creator (you can find his story here). His work is about spreading positive wisdom and self-knowledge advices for us to grow and develop. One of the methods he uses to find and connect with his inner-self is meditation (as a monk he meditated for 4-8 hours a day).

   I’m saying he is successful because was invited to speak to keynotes at leading companies like Google, Facebook, Coca Cola and others thanks to his positive view about self-development and inner peace which are required for getting better and better each day. In addition, while listening to his videos I’ve noticed that the ideas he’s sharing have the same core as the ideas shared by other successful people out there (ideas like finding your passion, working hard, loving your work, set goals and having plans etc.).

   You can find below a video made by Evan Carmichael with his view about Top 10 Rules for Success that Jay Shetty applies in his life.

   Please let me know what you think about this and what’s your favorite rule.

6 thoughts on “Successful People – Jay Shetty

    1. That’s right. Maybe the first step is to change the way we’re seeing them so it would be a little more pleasant.

  1. The name “Jay Shetty” has been in the “notes” section of my phone for a while. I kept hearing the name and someone had told me to find him, that he is amazing. I had not done it yet…days get busy and I hadn’t gotten around to it. Thank you for actually bringing him to me today!

    Wow – he does such an amazing job of verbalizing so many important things…the thing that struck me the most, that I wish I had know sooner, was #2. Live in your element. Don’t waste your time trying to live someone else’s life as a measure of your ability. Fish can’t climb trees and monkeys don’t swim.

    Also #9 Choose love – is what I spend a lot of time focusing on right now in all aspects of existence and it was very affirming to hear someone else say that was an appropriate way to go about things.

    Thank you for posting this! mwah!

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