The WHY Question

The Frustrations Bubble   Do you ever wonder why we do what we do? Why do we want what we want? What’s the reasoning behind this? Why from time to time our wishes change? Why sometimes we want something opposite to what we wanted some time ago? Why our wishes and our needs change? What changes them? Do we change? If so, why?

   I think that asking yourself why from time to time is very useful because is some sort of self-acknowledge and a great way to spot artificial desires. We as humans want many things, not all of them are appropriate to us, but we still want them. Why? Maybe because we are bombarded every day with commercials and with the image of a successful person, not knowing ourselves what success means to us. We just accept what others have. What I’m trying to say is that the desires we have might not truly be our desires, but we internalized and we want things we don’t have just because others have it and we don’t. Do we need them?  Do we truly want them? Or we just think that we’ll be more appreciated if we have those things regardless what we truly want.

   I’ve noticed that most of the people don’t know what they want to do with their lives. They know what they want to have and what they don’t like, but very few people truly know what they want to do with their live. We don’t have goals that can make us fulfilled. We desire things because that’s what we think it will make us feel good and it does, but only for a few moments. After that, we’ll go for something else and we’re going to think that when we’ll have that thing we’ll be happy and so on. One problem here is that we don’t know what we want and because of that we don’t commit to something and because we don’t commit, we’ll quit at the smallest bump we encounter. And we’ll form another desire and in the best case scenario, we go for it, but most of the time we’ll find excuses for why we can’t achieve that thing.

   These things happen because we don’t know what we truly want. Because if we knew what we truly want, it will be easier to keep our mind on the goal and get over every bump we have in our road. That’s why I think we should ask ourselves WHY from time to time to truly know ourselves. Why do we want that car/house/phone/laptop/person etc.? How our lives will be different if we have those things? What can we do different? How would our lives improve? Maybe we want those things just to show others what we have? Maybe having that will get us the attention we need? Maybe we think that having those things will make us successful people? If this is the case, how and why most of the people that have those things still feel miserable after a while? Maybe we use a wrong tool to measure success. What’s the right tool, then? I don’t know. That’s why we should ask ourselves the why question. Success in life is different from one to another and we have to truly know ourselves so we can set some goals that truly counts for us. Find your reason to wake up every morning.

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