The Initiation of a Relationship

The Friendzone Dilemma   Yesterday I talked about a factor that helps having a great long-lasting relationship. But how do we get in relationships in the first place? What are the factors that favor this? What should be paying attention when getting into a relationship?

   Please keep in mind that all the following factors put together increase the chances for you to get into a relationship with that person, but it doesn’t guarantee it. The first factor is the proximity. The closer you are geographically with someone, the higher the chances are to get into a relationship with that person. I know that today internet made everything to be the closest it can get, but it’s not the same thing. If you have high proximity with a person, there are high chances for you to have frequent interactions with that person. Frequent interactions lead to familiarity with that person. You get used to see and interact with that person. Combined with similarity, this might lead to positive emotions about that person and from here things might evolve into friendships or relationships.

   When I say similarity, I mean physical and mental. I know that there are relationships when one is a 9 and the other is a 5, but those won’t last long because that 5 will get frustrated and jealous all the time and that 9 will get sick of everything and realize that he/she deserves something better. I’m not saying that a great long-lasting relationship can’t be between a 9 and a 5 if they think the same and they have the same values, I’m saying that there are higher chances for it to work between two 8 or an 8 and a 9 who thing the same and have the same values. The same thing applies for two 8 who think differently. It might not last that long because they see things differently and they won’t be able to truly understand each other.

   About the proximity, I know that there are relationships on the internet and they are close even if they aren’t. The main challenge here is the lack of physical contact (hugging, kissing and so on). It can be done, but it’s harder.

   What else do you think it influences an relationship from the perspective of the two involved?

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