river between green leafed tree

Wu Wei, the Art of Non-acting

Wu Wei is a key concept of Taoism that can be translated as “do not act” or “do not intervene”. However, it is not a passive attitude. It’s letting go to allow the action to flow effortlessly and in harmony with the “original cosmic order”, without attempting to modify it. The result will be merging into the spontaneous movement of nature and life. When talking … Continue reading Wu Wei, the Art of Non-acting

underwater photography of gray dolphins

The Magic of Synchronicity

You missed the train and on the quay you met the love of your life. You received money at the exact moment you needed it. This is the magic of synchronicity: they are coincidences that sometimes leave you speechless and let you see a new path. What Is Synchronicity? Psychiatrist Carl Gustav Jung brought us the term “synchronicity,” which literally means “falling together in time.” … Continue reading The Magic of Synchronicity