Diving into the Mythopoetic: A Personal Story

It is easy to be dismissive of mythology in our modern-day secular culture. With the tools of logic, science and reason at our disposal, we arrive at our ideas of truth through rigorously testing our hypothesis with hard evidence and data. It was around the time when I was completing my undergraduate coursework in philosophy … More Diving into the Mythopoetic: A Personal Story

Romancing the Stone

More than 10 years after the fact, I can tell the story of my marriage/divorce with succinct clarity. I got married to my husband when I was 33-years-old. He had been married before and told me that he was divorced because wife #1 had a jealousy problem. In the marriage, I thought he just wanted … More Romancing the Stone

The Story Matters Most – Guest Post

Provided by Natalie from Big Happy Life Blog: https://bighappylife.blog/ Website: http://bighappylife.co.uk/    When I was studying for my Psychology degree, I was required to take annual exams. In the first and second years, I answered the exam questions in the order in which they were presented. I did well both years – achieving around 75% … More The Story Matters Most – Guest Post