drone shot of ocean waves at sunset

Book Review of The Waves by Virginia Woolf

Our lives are intertwined, entangled like waves merging in the ocean. We see ourselves in others, in the world around us. The physical appearance of our parents, the traditions of our culture and unique intricacies of our closest friends all leave their mark on who we are, and who we become.  The ‘I’, our ego, is porous and unbound. It is elusive and cannot be … Continue reading Book Review of The Waves by Virginia Woolf

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In Search of an Inner Life

Is there anything beyond the futility of the external world, governed by fierce competition, ambition and baseless pleasures? Where does one take refuge from the constant treadmill of busyness that encapsulates our day to day working lives? One is inclined to ask, is there anything outside of the status games played within our society, trying impress others through fame, fortune or luxury consumer goods. A … Continue reading In Search of an Inner Life