Specific Communication: A Mandatory Skill?

Most of us know how to speak, but do most of us know how to express what we want to express? Along my journey I witnessed people talking for hours but saying almost nothing and it made me wonder what the whole purpose of that is and how it’s affecting our communication skills. Talking for the sake of… talking It seems that we sometimes talk … Continue reading Specific Communication: A Mandatory Skill?

About Communication… Again – Reblog

   This is such a deep topic and I’ve found some more interesting ideas about communication which I want to share with you. Besides those 4 steps that I mentioned here, Jacques Salome and Sylvie Galland talk about different levels on which we’re expressing ourselves and in their book If Only I’d Listen to Myself they mention five of them: The level of facts;    … Continue reading About Communication… Again – Reblog

Not everybody takes advices!

   Have you ever given an advice and the person that received it did nothing with it? How did you felt when that happened?    Even though people need advices, they’re not always prepared to receive it because they’re not prepared to act upon it. Maybe they can’t or maybe they don’t want to do it, but until they do need that piece of advice, … Continue reading Not everybody takes advices!

About Communication – Reblog

   The more specific I try to be in my speech, the more ambiguity I can notice in how my phrases initially try to come out. It’s interesting how something as common as language can create so many different thoughts and ideas, which can modify our behavior. Because of this, I’m reblogging my post about communication, which keeps helping me in my journey of becoming … Continue reading About Communication – Reblog

Is over-communication a bad thing?

   There are people that talk too much, but how relevant are the things they say? We all know that communication isn’t just about the talking, but what if we’re expressing some ideas other people find obvious (like the water being wet)? Is that helpful or harmful?    In theory, I think it’s helpful because it brings some awareness about how similar the two people … Continue reading Is over-communication a bad thing?

Listening to understand vs Listening to respond

   This communication topic is something that starts to fascinate me. The more I learn about it, the more I realize I am a novice at this. I’ll be paraphrasing Terrell Owens who said that we usually are waiting for the other person to stop talking so we can start expressing ourselves. Oh, it would be so good if we wait for that other person … Continue reading Listening to understand vs Listening to respond

Rephrasing – A path to a better communication?

   Rephrasing is a therapeutic technique developed by Carl Rogers which represents the expression in a more concise way whatever the other person just said (rephrasing is different from reframing which is another therapeutic method, but this second one is used for changing the context or the perspective with a different one that fits at least as good). Since he was a psychologist, he developed … Continue reading Rephrasing – A path to a better communication?