A venomous scorpion sting and a new space within

I spoke with artist Star Lunita Loca about the process of creating art, where she gets inspiration from, and how being stung by a venomous scorpion changed her life as an artist.

Artist Star Lunita Loca has written the poem below

There is a place I dream to be

A small safe space that’s just for me

Where I can weave my golden threads

Through tapestries of deepest reds

My tears give life to stories old

Where joy and grief join to unfold

Time decides to leave me be

Ignited by moonlight I finally see

Deeper and deeper into the red

I journey to places I used to dread

Forgiveness whispers from my lips

Gratitudes utter from womb and hips

Bitter resentments dissolve into dust

Swirling in crimson, scarlet and rust

Holding my brush I begin to dip

In whirlpools and waterfalls then I slip

Into mysterious mosaics of distant dreams

Mixing together old stains and screams

Pleasure and pain burnt into the fabric

Curiously caressing the contours of Magic

Wrapping myself in the canvas I lay Deep in the earth and sing and sway

To the rhythm of source I unite with my roots

Roots fed with love that now bear red fruits

Tenderly holding my body I sleep

This place will always mine to keep

Dawn truthfully arrives, a new day has begun

Wearily smiling

I rise like the sun

You can visit Star Lunita Loca’s Instagram account to see more of her artwork.

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