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The other night my wife and I celebrated our 6-year wedding anniversary. We went to a restaurant called Absurdities. It was, without a doubt, the weirdest dining experience of my life.

The restaurant itself was comprised of various rooms or “worlds.” In each world (6 in total), we were served a different course. We had to find multiple hidden doors and crawl through various spaces to get between these worlds.

One world comprised of a giant tree. Another was a 50’s style kitchen, and another was a first-class cabin in an aircraft. In every world, a waitperson would ask us various riddles, tell us some jokes, or make us play ridiculous games.

They lit a candle for us when we told them it was our anniversary. But they didn’t put this candle on a cake. No, they put it on a fish! I don’t know about you, but I’ve never had a lit fish before.

They also make us wear bibs. In short, it was a riot. We didn’t think the food was anything spectacular, but we had a huge amount of fun. More importantly, it was a night we will never forget.

It got me thinking about all our meals over the years where we’ve spent what felt like an arm and leg. Many of which were very forgettable.

But often – when we did our research and found somewhere special – we would have a meal like this. Well, not like this, but one that we always remember.

Of course, money is forever a consideration. But when we um and ah about whether we should treat ourselves, I always ask my wife is she can remember some of these amazing meals we’ve had. Of course, she can.

I then ask her if she can remember how much it cost. She always tells me she has no idea. I tell her it was money well spent then.

That’s how I judge these things. If there’s something you really want to try or somewhere you really want to visit – provided you can actually afford it – I reckon you should fork out (pun fully intended).

Ultimately, you won’t remember how much it cost. But you’ll never forget the experience. If you’re lucky enough to do it with the people you love, well, that’s priceless.


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36 thoughts on “Absurdities

  1. Happy Anniversary. Your meal sounded like a full experience for all the senses. I’ve not heard anything like that here, but it seems like a fun time.

    1. It was! Worth looking into if you ever find yourself in Singapore Brenda. Thank you. Hope you are well πŸ™‚πŸ™

  2. I love this post, AP2! What a delightfully interesting way to celebrate your anniversary. And you are so right about the perspective thinking back about the money. However we do it, celebrating milestones is something worth making memorable lest life slip by unnoticed. I love how you guys are doing it right!

    1. Provided one doesn’t blow all your savings on one holiday! But I think so. We all save for retirement forgetting that life is now. There’s a trade off. We should save and think about the future. But we must live. Thanks for reading/commenting πŸ™

    1. Ha yeah. I know what you mean. It often feels like we have to crawl through secret hidden doors to level up our emotional experience. The candle on the fish made me laugh. Thanks for adding your thoughts πŸ™

    1. It was! I prefer experiences over things any day of the week. Thank you for reading and your thoughts. πŸ™

  3. Wow…like dinner and a ‘show’ all in one! Dinner in a literal ‘fun house’. Thank you so much for sharing, AP. It sounds memorable, for sure! Most of all, Happy Anniversary! (P.S. Did you have to eat the fish…and was it a ‘fish cake’…you know…a dessert in the shape of a fish? Or an actual fishy-fish? If so, I think you still need a celebratory cake! With frosting!) πŸ₯°

    1. Dessert was jelly in the shape of a phone (don’t ask me why?). The candle was in an actual fish. It was one of our main courses. Thanks Victoria. It’s my birthday next week so cake will be had soon enough! Wishing you well πŸ™

      1. Oh my…thanks for the details….a jelly phone, eh? Let’s just say I’m glad you have a birthday coming up — for all sorts of reasons – not least of which is the opportunity for cake! Thanks so much, AP! πŸ˜‰

  4. Super cool piece. You writing is really getting good. I think it might be fun to take W&S in the sort of direction you’re indicating here. Yes, we need to talk soon.

    1. Thanks Troy. I usually write longer posts but thought I would mix it up. I will try to write a more short and sweet style posts like this one in the future. I’ll message you later this week and we can organise a chat. πŸ™

    1. It’s the whole reason I travel. My itinerary is basically a list of places to eat. Thank you Milena πŸ™

  5. The old Ceylon planter’s bungalow where my wife and her brothers grew up has been turned into an up-market hotel – very tastefully, I would add. A night there is way beyond what we would normally feel able to pay, but when one of her brothers – no better off than us – visited a couple of months ago we decided to hire the bungalow for a night and hang the cost. As her brother so beautifully out it: In five years time you won’t remember the cost but you will remember the experience.”

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