The Great Unveiling

Hi, all.  Listen up.  The Pointless Overthinking management team has been as busy as a bunch of elves during the early days of December.  We’ve been working behind the scenes to make major revisions to the site.  Some of them have already been made manifest.  However, many others, including a renaming of the website, are still in the offing, so check back over the next few days and weeks.

We consider the page a work in progress, so we’ll continue to tweak things even after these major changes have been implemented.  We’d love to hear what you think about these revisions, so I’ll pin this post and you can comment here with whatever reactions you happen to have.

I can tell you we’re thinking about starting a podcast and have many plans in mind.  We’re very excited about the future!

Thanks so much for being such great readers over the years!  We look forward to providing you with great content going forward.

8 thoughts on “The Great Unveiling

    1. Ditto what Kendra said — exciting for sure – but don’t change too much! Progress IS good (podcast?? OHHHH…fab!) but I love the name of your site. Best wishes as you forge ahead. 😉

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