We’re All Ears!

Dear Pointless Overthinking Readers:

Not long ago, this blog put together a management team in preparation to do a major overhaul of this site. 

We have lots of ideas already, but we’d like to hear from you as we go forward.

Toward that end, we’ve come up with a brief questionnaire.  Completing it will take you about one minute and will go a long way in helping us make our revisions.  To provide feedback, please click on this link:

The Reader Experience

We want to conclude by thanking you for being such wonderful readers.  We aim to make this site even more informative, thought-provoking, entertaining, and attractive than it currently is.

3 thoughts on “We’re All Ears!

  1. The pic is cool, isn’t it? How are things? I need to go back and comment on your recent posts about translated literature, especially those posts about Turkish and Egyptian writers/books.

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