Pointless Overthinking Seeks Your Advice and Feedback

Hi, everyone.  I want to start by saying “thanks” to you, our readers.  Without you, there would be no Pointless Overthinking.  We are so grateful that you spend your precious time with us, and we are deeply inspired by your “likes” and comments to the pieces we publish here.

If you’ve been a long-time reader of PO, you’ll notice that we have a new look today.  In the coming weeks and months, we’ll be tweaking and re-tweaking the site with the goal of creating an aesthetically pleasing blog that is easy to navigate.  We would also like to add an “Opportunities” link at the top of the homepage.  We’re putting together a plan about how to diversify the kinds of content you can find on the site as well as make the blog more interactive.  Please stay tuned…

With these goals in mind, we are seeking your advice and feedback.  As we go forward with our plans, what sorts of thoughts do you have about the site?  Do you prefer this look over the old one?  If you’re a WordPress user, perhaps you know of a certain “theme” you think would be ideal for the site?  In short, we’re asking for your feedback and creative ideas.  Our ultimate goal is to make Pointless Overthinking more visually appealing and engaging.  How might we achieve this? 

We look forward to hearing all your great ideas. 

Also, we ask that if you like Pointless Overthinking, please let your friends know about the blog. 

Again, thanks for your support!        

18 thoughts on “Pointless Overthinking Seeks Your Advice and Feedback

  1. Thank You. This is a fantastic blog with diversified content that is always interesting. Keep going. Hope that some day, my content can also come on your blog.

    1. You are welcome. And thank you for being such a loyal reader and support. Like I said, stay tuned. There may very well be an opportunity for your writings to appear on the site…

    1. Great point. I was talking with someone who develops apps for a living this weekend, and he told me that statistics show that people use their phones far more than they use their computers. He was making the same point you are. This is exactly the sort of feedback we. Thanks so much for providing such great guidance.

      1. I logged in today and I was like “Woah! That’s different.” I like it, I welcome a fresh look and revamping our page. I also think it looks great using the mobile app. I think that’s how most people access our site too. Thanks for keeping us fresh, Troy.

  2. Great work keep it up.
    Well,this the best approach so far of collating ideas and I may suggest creating a pool of co-operate plugins where we can promote exchange program platforms from where contents may be classified with specifics of specialization.
    As we’re in the information age,where knowledge remains potential energy unable to crystalize into any substantive creation,
    These exchange programs would enable us interact and through such fellowship,people can be able to know from where they can seek for their required need.
    This reminds me of some image our team was recently graced with as follows:
    “It was an image of the mastermind team working in a government owned bank and from there company holders / owners were coming in big numbers for consultations how they can get clients to their desired merchandise.
    It was then when we asked them to first sign up / register with the company’s platform where they’ll be subscribing monthly to the company site thus guaranteeing them an automatic access to the company’s collective consciousness in its formless form.
    After the sign up,they would get automatic membership to the bank’s members’ club and would be meeting for club fellowship weekly and its after the weekly meetings when the bank leadership would be linking these company holders to their respective desired clients.” The End of the scene.
    I have shared this idea since you’re asking for ideas and thus can think through it and see how it could be of the best application to this case.
    May be we can reflect the image in lieu with the following hints:

    i.) Company holders could be alluded to connote ideas carriers or dreamers.

    ii.) While a government owned bank could be argued to mean the ultimate spiritual authority wielded by the said platform in unlocking the financial flows within the financial world markets,something likely to create a shift in global business transaction philosophies that are people friendly.

    iii.) Monthly subscriptions could be alluded to mean a lincencing authorities ‘That grants these said company holders to tap into the creative flow of financial creativity as a way of giving back to nature and these fees to be used in paying for the recurrent experiences of running the bank / company.

    N/B: You can also identify some creative platforms to plug them in to your site and work jointly with them in pulling a poll of ideas.

    Note: Our site may ask for your email add if possible to post you another idea already in its preliminary stage of creation for your consideration.

    Thanking you in advance,
    God’s blessings and Love,


  3. The content is great and always great to have that feel of being brought directly into the conversation. That said the site name doesn’t show up very well against the colored paper shapes background for me and ( and this is just a personal thing ) it doesn’t instantly shout at me that this is the banner for a site of thought provoking content. I’d have maybe gone for water ripples on a dark blue background or something ( not sure what you have available ). But that’s really just a minor thing as, as I mentioned, the content is great.

  4. Personally I like the ‘simple’ and easy/user friendly theme. I only use my laptop so cannot comment on phones.
    I have been following you for a number of years, in fact you were the 3rd blog I followed out of the now 600+ today.
    If it ain’t broke…..

  5. It looks great Troy, easy to use and “bright”, which always works well (everyone loves a bit of colour). I enjoy reading the blog and commenting. Keep up the great work. Such a great team of people at “pointless overthinking”!!

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