Question of the Day: No. 527

By Troy Headrick

Here’s today’s question:

Who or what inspires you and why?

It was hard to come up with an answer for this because I find inspiration everywhere.  After thinking long and hard, I’ve chosen my father.  He is getting up in age and has many health challenges, yet he continues to do wonderfully creative things every single day.  He never gets down about his physical limitations.  He’s so wonderfully artistic, stoical, philosophical, positive, and funny.  He brings joy and peace to all those he comes in contact with.

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50 thoughts on “Question of the Day: No. 527

    1. As someone who makes art and spends lots of time looking at art made by others, I often think that even the most gifted artists can’t hold a candle to the beauty and wonder created by Mother Nature. Thanks for the comment.

    1. Absolutely agree. I’m often inspired by those who comment to my pieces. I can’t tell you how many of my pieces here have been inspired by commenters. That number would be a large one. Thanks so much!

  1. If I am choosing someone I grew up with, it is my mom and grandma. Amazing women who are strong, independent and beautiful. If I am choosing a public figure, I’d choose Paul Rudd I think, simply because he is so talented yet so humble and such a no nonsense person. No fuss. That’s how I want to be.

    1. Like I mentioned in my piece, I had a very hard time choosing a topic. About a year ago, my maternal grandmother died at the age of 103. I almost chose her. She was certainly one of the most amazing people I’ve ever known. I’m not familiar with Paul Rudd. Tell me a bit about him if you don’t mind. Thanks.

      1. I am sure you grandmother inspired you just like mine, she sounds like a wonderful human 🙂 Paul Rudd is an actor, producer and his latest movie is Ant Man haha

    1. Yes. And he’s overcome tons of personal tragedy on top of everything else. I just hope we can continue to hold off the political kooks and monsters running amok among us. Thanks, Fred.

    1. Years ago, I used to like to go out to bars and listen to live music. I’d always try to get as close as possible to the stage so I could watch the musicians very closely. I’d often see musicians get into a creative “flow.” I refer to those states as “the ecstacy of creation.” So I definitely sometimes get into such states myself. Such states are truly ecstatic. Thanks so much for the comment.

  2. My dad too who has been on hospice over a year! Such a great man in so many ways even tho he has been confined to a hospital bed for 5 years. He still brings me so much joy 🥲

    1. In recent years, I’ve discovered that ageing is something akin to a form of art. Some folks age artfully and stay positive, and others age unartfully and get bitter as they age. It sounds like your father is ageing like a true artist despite his many challenges. All this makes me wonder if there’s an optimism gene. I think I’ll do a bit of research on that. Thanks so much for the comment.

      1. Yes, beautiful art that is shaped and sculpted by so much, people, places, thoughts of hope…yes my father is aging like a true artist and he actually was a great artist as I look at a painting in my kitchen he painted 50 years agoish. I think it is nurture and nature, which could be an optimism gene if treated right.. my two cents:)

  3. I shall have to think about this. Like you, I find inspiration in lists of places. Maybe I’ll be inspired to write something about it.

    1. Yes, it’s a challenging question. It sounds like a good topic for a blog or article. Check back and let us know what you finally decide on. Thanks.

      1. Drafted notes on this topic last night. Still thinking it through. Turning into a great mental and writing exercise.

      2. It’s always good to hit upon an interesting topic for a piece. Sounds cool. There’s certainly a bit of pressure when trying to publish frequently. Sometimes the “idea well” runs dry.

  4. What I have gone through in my past and what I am going through as an adult is what inspires me to write. My best friend for six years, my family/siblings and my followers on my mental health page keeps me motivated.

    1. There’s no greater motivation to succeed than having success in the past. Also, people often try to avoid challenges and hardship, but those things can teach us so much and push us to grow and overcome limitations. It sounds like things are going well for you. Congrats! Why not leave a link to your site here, so we can check out your writing. Thanks for the comment.

  5. Ideas inspire me. Ideas shared by and with others…creativity, solutions to problems, innovations, ways to end suffering, how to make the world a better place, or ways to enjoy what we already have.

    Troy, a very challenging question! <3 All the best!

    1. Thinkers are like that, and you’ve always seemed like a thinker. I’m a lot like you too. I can spend all day just sort of wandering around in my mental landscape. And thanks for being altruistic. The world needs more Cheryls.

  6. As far as starting and running my blog, my youngest daughter inspires me the most I guess. We talk alot and she brings out my thoughts.

    1. Cool. Your daughter sounds like a great person. There’s nothing more inspirational than sitting and talking with an interesting and intelligent person. Thanks for sharing your story.

  7. I find inspiration in myself as a writer. Don’t mean to sound pretentious, but my writing has been my savior. Though couldn’t have done it without faith in a higher power. What sprouted as a small thought has bloomed into a wonderful creative journey. And I have found myself again, through my words and stories. I don’t see anything as small or big, as long as it’s an effort in a positive direction. Passion is inspiration, coupled with determination, it can be a panacea for all ills.

    1. I don’t think you sound pretensious at all. I truly believe that art and creativity can save lives. Life is so hard. We walk around repressing all day long. Anything that gives us the opportunity to open up, to scream, to express is bound to be the best sort of therapy available. I’m so happy that you found writing. You’re right. Any important step forward is going to feel like a huge stride. Thanks for sharing your story.

  8. People who are humble inspire me.
    I’m not talking about a wealthy person with a down- to- earth attitude ; Im talking about people who have overcome suffering and have had to toil harder than others, and yet have a smile on their face, comforting those who are hurting.
    People who are humble about their pain inspire me .

    1. Nature, people – especially those who’ve gone through so much & still smile!! Travelling, musicians, writing & great books: these all bring comfort and inspiration. Thanks for the  positive post!

    2. I with you on this. I’m more impressed by a guy who coaches little league for free because he wants to help young people than an athlete who makes many millions of dollars per year kicking or throwing a ball or tossing one throw a hoop. It’s a lot easier to walk around with a smile on your face if you make a million dollars a year than it is if you make a million dollars after working a lifetime. Thanks.

    1. I’m a vibrant color person too. You’ve included a cool list of sensory experiences in your comment. I’ve long been inspired by sitting on front porches during a heavy rainfall when the weather is cool and damp. I also love walking on quiet beaches as the surf comes in and out. Thanks for inspiring me to come up with my own list.

  9. My Mom,

    She does so little with so much. She’s able to tremendously help people financially, who are better salaried than her.
    She is able to assist people with their health, even those that are healthier than her.
    Salute to mom

  10. Father,Mom on how to live life.
    Jay Shetty on how to train my mind.
    My boss on how to be a good worker.
    Friends on how to become better in life.

    1. It’s really important to stop, look around, and say “thank you” to those who’ve been influential and inspirational. I’ve got a list like yours. Thanks for sharing.

  11. I’m most inspired by nature, when I’m outside or looking through our picture window, watching my many animals interact. Consequently, I also experience peace and joy. It’s certainly never boring.

    1. Hi. It sounds like you might live on a farm or a ranch. I spent loads of time with my rancher grandparents growing up. It was a great and wondrous and simple life. Your comment takes me back to that period. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Well, kind of but not entirely. We’re on one acre, but we have over 20 chickens, 5 ducks, several sets of chicks, 2 bunnies, and 2 cats. And you’re welcome!

  12. My father is my inspiration too. Coming from a humble Armed Services background, travelling all over the country for most of his life and experiencing varied cultures, he has a treasure of stories to be told. He has always been keen to learn new things and never shys away from taking a dip in new waters. Always experimental. He has taught me how to stay centered in the extreme moments! ❤️

    1. Your father sounds very similar to mine. I like that my dad has transcending his upbringing. His parents were pretty traditional and narrow in their thinking, but my father is open-minded. Thanks for sharing your father with us.

  13. Seems that fathers are of same wonderful nature – hard working, optimistic and dazzling with smile even when he himself is sick. Indeed, God’s gift to a child are the parents !

    As for your question, I am inspired by – well, as a child, my mind used to get spikes all of a sudden, that made me wonder what caused it – now I realize, from what I call “mana”, that is everywhere, even the leaves that make their way to share a handful of sunlight.

  14. Your answer to this question is a beautiful one, and I can see how there is much inspiration to draw from your father.

    I draw inspiration from the world around me when I walk, from ideas I pick up in literature and films, and from real life events that I’m involved in. My father is also a writer and recently he has also been a source of inspiration as we have co-written several short stories together.

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