Kissed For The Very First Time

Ten years ago, on April 8th, 2011, I met my wife for the first time at a dive bar in Hong Kong called Al’s diner. We immediately hit it off. The evening ended with us dancing to a number of 80’s classics.

Despite several jello shots it took me a while to work up the courage to kiss her. I knew she was special and wanted to make sure I picked the right moment. The cheesy 80’s playlist, however, didn’t exactly set the mood.

At a certain point I told myself whatever song comes up it doesn’t matter, it’s now or never. And so, as one forgettable tune ended, with my heart in my throat, I met her eyes, leaned in and kissed her. 

Just as soon as we locked lips, Madonna’s, “Like A Virgin,” came blaring from the jukebox.

“Like a virgin
Touched for the very first time 
Like a virgin
When your heart beats
Next to mine

A moment of classy romance it was not! It certainly wasn’t the song I would have chosen. Still, I had to commend the Gods on their sense of humour. We both had a good laugh about it. 

Ultimately, of course, the song didn’t matter. What really mattered was the ten years that followed. Those years have been extraordinary to say the least.

Together we’ve flown in hot air balloons, jumped out of aeroplanes, swam with whale sharks – to list just a few of our adventures. It was on a layover in Rome I realised I loved her as we cuddled while watching the sunset from the Spanish steps. (There are few moments I can think as perfect as that one.) It was on holiday in Myanmar that I proposed to her on the shores of Inle lake. 

It was 4 years ago – exactly 6 years after we met – on April 8th, 2017, that we got married at a micro brewery here in Hong Kong. We figured, “Why bring the booze to the party when you can bring the party to the booze?”

It was epic.

The song we chose for our first dance? You guessed it. Definitely not Madonna’s, “Like A Virgin.” (We have some class guys and gals, come on.)

Actually our friends orchestrated a surprise flash mob to Justin Timberlake’s, “Can’t Stop The Feeling.” It was one of the many highlights that day. That song became our first as a married couple.

Fast forward 4 more years and here we are with two ridiculous boys to our names. The youngest having just turned 3 months. (Can you do the math?)

April 8th will always be the most important day of the year for me. Symbolically it represents everything that followed when we kissed for the very first time 10 years ago. The truly beautiful life that we have made together. 

I often wonder what my life would have been like had I missed my opportunity that night. Had I not made a move because of the song that was playing. (There’s a lesson here about waiting for the perfect moment.)

I look around and imagine my boys vanishing. The apartment I live in transforming. Perhaps I wouldn’t have stayed in my current job for as long as I have? Maybe I wouldn’t even live in Hong Kong? Perhaps the picture would be markedly different? Or perhaps the picture would be similar but with different faces?

One thing is for damn sure, the picture couldn’t be any better.

As I come back to reality and realise that none of it was a dream. That my reality – my unbelievably beautiful radiant wife, the now extraordinary mother to our two gorgeous silly boys – is the dream. I realise I wouldn’t change it for the world. I realise, I wouldn’t even change that song. 

To my dear wife, when it comes to you, I regret nothing. (Although I’m not giving you anymore children!)

Happy Anniversary Gorgeous

Love Your Silly Husband X

Thanks for reading everyone. I’m curious if any of you have some good stories about the first time you met someone? Or any pivotal moments you look back at and wonder what if that hadn’t happened? I look forward to hearing from you all.


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166 thoughts on “Kissed For The Very First Time

    1. I think we should stop and have a moment everyday. Of course it often takes an occasion to remind us to do so. Thank you Ashley 🙏

  1. I smiled through the entire thing! Love is sweet, isn’t it?! 😊 Wishing you guys more love and lots more to celebrate. Cheers!

  2. Actually I am the exact person like you. Whenever ever I think of dating someone same repeated answer I get may be she is not the right person you deserve when time will come you will get them automatically and focus on your work ( in my religion arranged marriage is also a dominant option). After reading your story I will go ahead with them no more over thinking thanks for sharing it.

    1. Thank you friend. All love stories have ups and downs. Love is a struggle that requires constant nourishment. Wishing you well 🙏

  3. I was 13 when I met the love of my life, but it took us another 30 odd years before we became a couple and now, I’m the happiest I’ve ever been!

    Love your story thank you so much for sharing!

  4. What a beautiful reflection of your life! You inspire and remind me to take more moments of reflection and appreciation for the special people in my life. Thank you!!

  5. Yes, I saw my husband leaning on a parking meter, while his friend was asking me out. I kissed him the first time when he got stung by a bee on his upper lip. That made everyone mad except us. His friend left to go back to Canada and told him to “Take care of her!” And for the last 60 years, he has done that. Happy anniversary to you and your wife. Ours will be December 30th.

    1. I love your story!!! Thank you for sharing. 60 years is extraordinary! Do you have any advice for how to maintain a healthy relationship over such a long time?

  6. A fabulous writing of your deep love for your wife. This type of honesty is rare. You, and your wife, are very lucky to have such a deep connection with each other. Cherish it…every single day.

    Dr. Deb

    1. Thank Dr. Deb. I’m so pleased you enjoyed it. Honesty is a value I try to live by. Wishing you the very best 🙏

  7. It’s a pretty tale. I don’t think I’ve had such moment yet, or I could count the guy that came up to me at Nysc camp and said I would be his girlfriend. Lol, needless to say, we’re not in contact anymore.

    1. I’m glad you enjoyed my tale. Thank you for sharing yours. I had many misses before meeting my wife as well!

      1. That was a very sweet story! I met my current husband when I came home near 9:00 at night and found out that a new roommate had invited around 30 people over to the house without advising anybody else in the house and had decided to share all of the roommates food (again without permission) for her impromptu potluck. We all paid separately for our own food. I was the first roommate to arrive home and discover this, and I wasn’t exactly happy. He remembers thinking that I looked pretty but very angry. 😇 We didn’t start dating until about 2 years after that because he was scared I would turn him down. But I am glad he asked 😌… We will have been married 18 years this Sunday.

    1. Thank you. I am a hopeless romantic what can I say. I’ll be sure to keep loving my family deeply. Luckily they make it easy for me. Wishing you well 🙏

  8. Cute story. On a related note, on my husband and mine’s first date, a co-worker suggesting watching a DVD after dinner. She loaned me the 40 Year Old Virgin and said it was funny. I still remember putting the DVD in and within minutes, there was nudity and it was so embarrassing! He worked in a church, and we took the DVD out immediately. Not only was that a horrific start to the date, but I later found out he WAS a virgin, so the whole thing was a hot mess. Maybe folks need to avoid anything virgin-related on their first dates LOL.

    1. Haha. That’s a great story! Yes, perhaps the whole topic needs to be off the table 😂 – Thank for sharing it Kerbey. I’m pleased it all worked out for you both in the end. 😊🙏

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