A Big Thank You (With Gifts)

By Troy Headrick

It seems I’ve been a good boy this year because I’ve received more than my fair share of gifts recently.  I’m not talking about glittery objects placed under the tree or the proverbial stocking stuffed full of goodies.  I’m referring to all the wonderful things that you, dear readers, have gifted me during this 2020.

One of my favorite things about writing for Pointless Overthinking is all the wonderful commentary that readers make to the pieces I publish here.  I’ve befriended many of you through these thought-provoking interactions. 

For example, just recently, in response to “The Art of the Siphon,” spiritualfantasia, a blogger with a great site, commented that my piece reminded her of the following video, entitled “Happiness,” by Steve Cutts, a very talented illustrator and animated filmmaker I wasn’t familiar with.

Not surprisingly, I immediately fell in love with the film and visited the animator’s site.  There, I found many fantastic pieces, including the following, my favorite bit of Cutts artistry.


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28 thoughts on “A Big Thank You (With Gifts)

    1. Hey, Fred (Au Natural)! How’s it going? Did you watch “In the Fall” video? What was your opinion of that one? It’s a play on the ole “your life flashes before your eyes as you are about to die” theme. Thanks for dropping by.

      1. It’s pretty dark. It is good.

        I start by imagining he is Jimmy Stewart from “It’s a Wonderful Life,” only with a mischievous devil instead of a guardian angel. You know, I have never liked Capra and that particular movie is one I detest.

        Our plant watering gentleman looks at his life on the way down and discovers life really did suck, there’s no way to fix it now anyhow, and dying isn’t all that bad. Kind of like going through all the five stages of grief that you experience when you are diagnosed with a terminal illness and cutting directly to acceptance, stage 5.

        Also, the opposite of Dylan Thomas when he insisted that all men “Rage, rage against the dying of the light.” Not raging against the inevitable is better. I like that honesty even though it isn’t the politically correct attitude towards death.

        Then it brings to mind the Blue Oyster Cult classic, “Don’t Fear the Reaper.” It is a song about Death easing the mind of a person who cannot deal with life anymore. Our fall guy learned not to fear the reaper by realizing his life wasn’t such a terrible thing to lose. If life can be beautiful, so can death.


  1. I love this video and first came to know through your post .Thank you for sharing your insights and thoughts with us .Having deep conversations with like minded is priceless .I am so glad to be connected to so many wonderful people thorough writing .Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones .

    1. Thanks for the comment. Like you, I cherish the intereractions I have had on this site. I’ve been informed by my readers more than I have informed them. I’m certain of that. I look forward to having more wonderful conversations here in the future.

    1. Thank you, Carol anne. Do you blog? If so, why not post a link here to your site? I’d love to read your stuff, and I’m sure others would too. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you a fabulous 2021.

  2. Merry Christmas! The spirit of Santa visited your doorstep this Christmas was loads of gifts. I also want to say thank you to Pointless Overthinking for writing with so much relatable vulnerability. I am very excited about the mention (it feels like a surprise gift LOL) and glad that the video led you even more of his content! I was touched by the video when I first watched it because it was a wake-up call for me to re-consider why I wanted to get a 9-5 job in the corporate world! To me, the animation depicts the message of how we can be socially conditioned to chase external happiness (i.e. money) and embody roles and behaviors that don’t align with our true happiness. Also, he has a blog?! How cool! 🙂

    1. I am happy that you introduced me to Steve Cutts and that you posted a link to your blog. It’s truly a lot of fun to write for PO and to meet so many interesting people through the comments function. I wish you all the best in whatever career decisions you make. My advice is to find a way to make money that doesn’t feel onerous or like “work.” If you can land a job doing something that you truly enjoy, you’ll never work a day in your life. Take care and thanks again for being such a great reader.

      1. That’s awesome that you have so much fun on PO, and that it is something you truly enjoy writing, interacting on, and thinking about! Thank you. Emotional fulfillment is the way to go when there are so many options! What makes us happy is always worth investing in with all our energy. Have a beautiful day, Troy! 🙂

  3. Thanks for sharing Troy. Amazing animations! I’d add how extremely grateful I am for being welcomed as part of the PO family and for all the amazing connections I’ve made since. I look forward to more thought-provoking interactions in 2021. Merry Christmas Troy 🙏

    1. Hi, AP2. I appreciate everything that you do for PO. You’ve really connected with the readers. I hope you and your family are fine. And I hope 2021 is a great year for you. Take care.

      1. Thanks Troy. Family is doing well. Our second child is due next week! A much busier 2021 beckons! Wishing you a great year ahead too 🙏

  4. I was shown Steve Cutts “Happiness” three years ago. Made me cry. It showed the truth. Ever since then I’ve been trying to find it, but since I did’nt remember the name nor the title and with the fading memory of it I thought I would never find it again.. But now I have – thank you so very much for sharing❤️
    May you and your loved ones have a beautiful and Merry Christmas🎅🎄🌟💖

    1. Hi. I’m so happy I was able to help you find the Cutts film again. You are welcome and thank you for the wonderful comment. I hope this holiday season is very special for you and your loved ones.

      1. Thank you 🙂 I really enjoy reading about how our experiences change us and our thought patterns. You’re an amazing writer, I read with the intent to learn from you. Stay safe, be well.

  5. Pretty lovely. Happy Xmas sweetie. I will love you to backlink my site love dgreetingsms.com

    Thanks so much

    On Thu, Dec 24, 2020, 00:03 Pointless Overthinking wrote:

    > Troy Headrick posted: ” By Troy Headrick It seems I’ve been a good boy > this year because I’ve received more than my fair share of gifts recently. > I’m not talking about glittery objects placed under the tree or the > proverbial stocking stuffed full of goodies. I’m referr” >

    1. Thank you for posting the URL of your site. I will check it out. I really appreciate that you took the time to read my piece and leave a comment. I hope this is a wonderful holiday season for you!

  6. You have provided much joy within your very thoughtful pieces, and your more lighthearted ones too. I am thrilled to be a part of this wonderful community of people that seek to learn more about this crazy world we live in (a world that has been crazy before 2020 and will continue to be in 2021 and beyond.)

    I hope you and your family are well, and that the passion to keep on writing and connecting through stories continues to run deep in your veins.

    2020 for me was a gift where I got to know people like yourself, and received much encouragement to continue writing. I’m about one fifth of the way through a first pass edit of my book! Hard work, challenging to cut things I like but don’t fit, and I’ve definitely benefitted from different pairs of eyes looking at it. If you are ever looking for a dense read, both in terms of subject matter and writing that needs pruning, let me know. I’m becoming more comfortable sharing ‘unfinished’ writing.

    Peace to you, Troy. 😊

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