40 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 356

  1. Getting my ideas (my blog and the business I’m trying to build) across to people.

    To fix it, I think I need to stop being so damn introverted, but it’s not easy!

  2. My anxiety and what I am doing is writing and exercising and talking about it. It’s a struggle but I’m doing all I can to overcome this and deal with it well

      1. It’s a struggle. Some days are worse than others but it’s hard because sometimes no matter what you do it won’t go away. I started a medicine for it two Thursdays ago and it’s helping but it hasn’t fully kicked in yet. I’m also still writing which does help and exercising and getting outside as much as possible. They help too. It’s just rough because I was doing well like not having anxiety for a while and then it snuck up on me and got really bad out of nowhere and stayed bad like 2 week long panic mode bad. I started developing trouble with acid reflux from it too and that made me decide to try medicine since my usual coping skills aren’t enough. We’ll see what happens from here. I’m just continuing to do what I do and staying positive. Do you have anxiety ?

      2. That’s tough…
        Yes, I do have anxiety especially when it comes to social interactions with strangers. I also feel anxious whenever I need to write a new post for this blog, or when I don’t do the things I planned doing. And of course, I get anxious when I need to talk to the phone… Regardless the anxiety, I keep pushing myself forward through it every day.

      3. Yours sounds a lot like mine. Yeah I hear ya I push through too . It’s just tough when you work directly with people and have a panic attack and have to continue working . That’s happened so much these past few months . I’m glad it’s finally starting to get better little by little though . I hope you find something that helps you . At least we know we’re not alone . 🙂 thank you for responding and taking the time to chat . Keep inspiring ! You got this .

  3. I’m with these guys, anxiety. I tend to lock up and even the words are as clear as day in my head, what outputs it’s often extremely diluted to the point of incoherence. The excercises i find helpful? Pause a single moment in time and write in depth details and description. Eventually the thought process muscles will translate into real time conversations.

  4. Maintaining a grounded mood and positive outlook in the face of my husband’s debilitating mental illness (treatment resistant anxiety & depression).

    What I can do to overcome: get enough sleep, stay hydrated, connect with people, write, continue my psychotherapy appointments, consider opportunities to be an advocate for others, laugh.

  5. To stop being scared of failing. I need to keep believing in myself, my ability and that if I build my business, people will come. If I succeed then brilliant, if I fail at least I can say I tried, but I need to jump, have faith and work out how to build my client base & keep them coming back as paying customers. Scary when yer not sure how tho

  6. My lack of patience for things that necessarily need it and stress, stress everywhere… I need a holiday! But I realise how those are indeed minor problems and how lucky I can consider myself.

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