“The spouse”.

This is where I ended up my last post WHERE ARE THE DREAMS (III). Students, youngsters whoever they are, Spouse method is common in both the groups. It is an easy one and in most of the cases, it is found to be convenient.

Well, it is quite difficult to explain that how does it work, as the systems are too different in Punjab. But I will try to clarify it with the help of an example. Read the next passage carefully and I hope you’d be able to understand!

Suppose a boy has scored 6.5 in IELTS exam but he’s not enough worthy to manage the expenses of the whole process of going abroad. On every newspaper in the region, there’s a dedicated column of marriage advertisements in which anyone can publish an advertisement for the marriage by giving some necessary details. So, the first step is to give an advertisement in the newspaper in which he mentions that he has scored 6.5 in IELTS exam and needs a bride whose family could expend all the money to go abroad. This type of advertisement is really popular in the state and everyone can understand what is being said in the ad.

There are a lot of girls who can’t clear the exams but belong to a loaded family. Once the ad is published, the needed families start to contact him and his family. Normally it takes one or two weeks maximum, and the perfect fit is found for the boy.

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In some cases, it’s an open deal between both the families that they will split after the Permanent Residency of the pair. After the separation, both families are independent to marry their offsprings with anyone else in the future. In other cases, it is a real traditional marriage, that is they are permanently married to each other. The later process is then almost the same as a normal student visa, but with a spouse.

In both of the cases, logically if you see that what really is happening is that, they buy each other. Either kind of marriage is more like a negotiation. It is not what you call a marriage. Of course, they fulfill each other’s requirements, but they are requirements, not imperfections. The boy is in need of money and the girl is in need of IELTS bands. So they build the relation not for their qualities or talents but for their own requirements and after marriage, they show off the world, “We love each other.

If I or you, call them a pair of mokes then I don’t think so we’re insulting them in any way and I hope that you are in accordance with me.

Almost every single teen wants to go abroad and as soon as possible. That’s why the early age marriages are taking place in the region. Interestingly, they are proving to be successful in long terms even without love for each other, because the money and needs bind them together.

That’s all for today’s post. In the next post, I will speak about the positive impacts of the IELTS exam on the society because my sister gets uncomfortable with the IELTS criticism and introduced me some positive sides of the exam.

Thanks for reading!

B. M.

7 thoughts on “WHERE ARE THE DREAMS (IV)

  1. This both fascinating and terrifying. I can’t imagine being in that position, needing to trust that it will work, but I can’t imagine being in a position where that seems like the best option. Can we fast forward to Starfleet and humans being kind and supportive of one another?

    1. Absolutely….
      I closely see these things here. Even, my real siblings are involved in this……
      And I try not to involve myself as long as I can……
      This portion of the world is heading towards its collapse sharply….. 😐

  2. It is easy to understand as it happened with me…I wish that may I go to the past to just erase that biggest mistake of my life😪nobody can understand my pain without my sister.

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