|| Happiness is key ||

Hi everyone!

I’m back after a couple of months again. I missed my old blogging routine during this time. Well, the last two months were the worst yet best months of my life. I have been passed through a hell lot of shit. It was a mixture of anxiety, financial pressure, positivity, bizarre thinking and thoughts, feelings of love and everything in-between.

Back in November, I was planning to move from WordPress.com to WordPress.org. I think I have mentioned this before in one of my blog posts. So I decided not to post anything on the blog until it gets clear. Then I had to wait for two weeks to buy the domain and shifting due to some transaction problems with my Paypal account. In December, there was not at all any routine or work for me. I just almost became a sloth. But this was the time when I started to think those bizarre thoughts I mentioned above. They were all related to Time traveling and Future. I started to perceive the world with a different perspective. I was not intentionally thinking like this, it was all so natural. With each day, I became so much wiser. It was almost like I’m learning the things at a very sharp speed. I got almost detached from the world and people and all those sorrows, happiness and problems being faced by them………..Β Read more

B. M.

18 thoughts on “|| Happiness is key ||

    1. Hey!..
      How are you doing bruh?
      Thank you so much for such an inspiring comment and your support!
      I’m so thankful to you!..πŸ™‚
      Actually, I’m not doing a thing… It feels like TIME is moving me….

  1. That’s good. I’m glad you were finally able to let go of that pressure to monetise your writing. That was causing such a negative drain on your disposition and life. xxx

    1. Right. Even if I earn a thousands by doing this, it all would buy misery for me……
      Thank you for your support kim!..πŸ™‚
      Miss you!…

      1. I’m going in and through something unusual. Just like emotional and emotionless at the same time!
        It’s something bizarre!

      2. Perhaps it is the evolution of your spirit. And it is conflicting with your conditioning. Just… flow with it. Don’t fight so hard. When it starts to settle down then try rebuilding again.

      3. Maybe….. Yeah, I’m understanding it…. Tell me one more thing,…. What does ‘Pink Future’ means?…

  2. I gave up trying to make money on writing after getting a similar epiphany that you had about feeling that it feels right. I have a .org from WordPress. Yes, I have a book with pretty good reviews, one from an expert in mental health, but I realized a Buddhist principle: stop fighting and accept uncertainty and pain. Just do what feels right. If we accept the shit, the world becomes shitless.

    1. Ohh…
      You too?..
      I can see here the people like me…😁
      It doesn’t feel right to mix up the work you love to do with earnings…
      I don’t know why it is?!!… But it is and it’s not right…..

      1. It’s complicated. It’s great to have work you love, but with art, the objective should not be to make money or art suffers. If you happen to, great. Money should not be the objective.

      2. That’s right. It’s complicated…..
        But it soon gets clear out for everyone like me and you and the others….πŸ™‚πŸ™‚…

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