You can never be secure enough…

“Well, to assure the security of your property sir, you must sign here in this stupid little box. But, after you read the terms and conditions inscribed in the tiniest font so that no one dares to read it.”

We immediately sign it to safeguard our property from any sort of damage and mishap.

All of us are fear-driven. The tasks we are doing are all fear-driven. We aren’t really motivated to do those things like going to work or study. 
Because we are worried.

We don’t work for the sake of working, we work for the sake of money or security. Money makes us feel secure, it makes us feel safe. You don’t get the feeling that you’ll be broke and will be begging on the road for food.

Well, what if some hacker hacks into your account and plunders all your money, what then? Then you’re going to divide your money into different accounts. But what about that mental torture? That insecurity still governs you. You have not overcome it yet.

I’m not saying that you shouldn’t get your insurance done, nor I’m against it. I’m against this sickening mentality of ours. It drives us crazy our whole life. We keep running and running in the endless pursuit of security, which will never be gained. It’s like a wild goose chase. And come on, aren’t you tired of the Wild goose chases that are already there? The more we think that we are close to the goose, the farther it goes. Why? Because we are not aware of the real chase of life.

Let me prove this to you with the help of an example.

If it were not for my Dad and Uncle, I would’ve made the biggest decision of my career and that too wrong! Just because I was fearing insecurity.

Now, I’ve quit that traditional path that will keep assuring me “fake” security. The goose that’s supposed to always run ahead, forever. I have chosen the path that assures me mental peace and security. The path that will never disappoint me, come what may.

We have killed so many people unknowingly. We have killed our inner singer, writer, programmer or any other possible “us”. And for all these crimes, the future pushes us in a jail that you won’t be able to leave, no matter how hard you try. This jail will make you think that you’re secure, but inside, you’ll be the most insecure person.

This jail, according to me is the “Catch-me-if-you-can” jail.

Fear makes us a part of the never-ending rat race. It is our choice, whether to be truly secure or not. Security just doesn’t mean that we’ve plenty of money to spread our legs on the bed and smoke a cigar without any worry.

Security means that we are satisfied, in terms of our job. In terms of what we do. If I’m writing, do I like it? If I’m working in an office under a boss or a CEO, am I happy or satisfied to do it? When I sit to work, what is my mission? Is my mission to earn money or earn happiness and satisfaction.

Allow me to explain this through an example. (Gosh! Too many experiences, I’m drowning!!)

While we were discussing my further career plans, I decided to take the Mathematics and Science streams along with some Computers. After that, I’ll be doing a few computer-based degrees and get graduated. I felt happy.

Why did I feel happy?

Was I liking Maths and Science all of a sudden and all that burdening studies? Let us analyze.

When I went to the toilet (Toilets in our house have turned into thinking chambers of some sort. When one goes, he/she comes after 15 mins, and with a fresh mood, new ideas and a light body too; -P), I thought about it.

Why am I happy after all? Suddenly an answer came from nowhere, “At least now you are sure that you’ll have a normal life and have some money!”

Wait, What? According to me, what is the definition of a normal life? Maybe doing something that I don’t like my whole life and get some money. But then I thought, “What about those IITians or toppers who aren’t getting jobs yet? What if you aren’t able to find one? Then what? You’ll be frustrated and be asking questions on Quora about what to do next and how to get motivated.”

So basically there is danger everywhere. There is no escaping from it. Then why not do something that is a bit dangerous, but I’ll be happy to face it. I won’t feel frustrated and I’ll be able to continue it without any hitch.

“Yay! Let’s do it!” my mind said. “But then, what if this doesn’t work. What if we fail? We’ll be completely broke! Then?” This very thought struck fear into my mind. The fear of insecurity. The fear that was making me a decision that was against my choice. When I came out, my parents were discussing something. And then Dad turned to me and said, “Son, what if money wasn’t an issue, we would’ve been writing completely, isn’t it?” “Yes, Dad! Yes! If money wasn’t the problem, I would’ve jumped completely into writing.” I was so right!

Then my uncle called up, and Dad was talking to him. They both agreed on the point that we have to spend most of our time with our work. And if that work isn’t interesting for us, then it’s going to be another burden for us. And this burden is going to hurt us the most. Every muscle is going to cry because of the pain of this burden on our head.

“Damn! What the heck is going on? Are life decisions so complicated? I can’t differentiate between two things!” This is what came to me after hearing all the discussion. Then finally, ignoring all the “What ifs” and “buts”, I stuck my butt to one thing — Writing, my life-long partner.

Sooner or later, if we want to achieve something big, or overcome our mind’s fear, then we have to kick away the “What ifs”. Because there is no answer to a “What if.”


There is no guaranteed security. When you can die at any moment, then we should realize this that there is utterly no security, not even for life. No matter how much Yoga or meditation we do, one road accident can end it all. It is like you are trying to safeguard some dirt in the toilet’s pot. No matter how much we give it support or clean the pot around it, one or the other day, it’s going to be flushed. So just swim, swim in the pot, and accept being flushed the day you are. Because no one can maintain happiness, but everyone can maintain peace.

So ask yourself, are you secure?

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