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  1. I’m all about equal rights, pay, and vote for sure. But I really love men, and hate to see them bashed by some of the radicals out there. Being male doesn’t automatically make someone wrong. Being female doesn’t make someone right.
    I like how Dr. ML King said it (paraphrased) I want to be judged by the content of my character, not my skin color or my sex. Character should count.

  2. I think it’s hard to answer this because feminism can be interpreted in many ways.

    I believe men and women are different…and it’s okay to be different. But neither sex is superior to the other.

    Unfortunately, some types of feminism want to steamroller men into submission and make them the inferior sex. Of course, the are plenty of men’s groups who try to do the same to women, so it’s a two-way thing.

    1. You’ve got misogyny and misandry. It’s really pathetic. Do damned determined to not only “be right” but for others to also “be wrong”.

      1. Yep, exactly. Beating other people down seems to be the only way some people can feel righteous these days.

        Ugh. I feel old whenever I say “these days”

      2. Same here! I’m seriously 31 and just feel weird saying “kids these days” and “back in my day” like I’m old and wise, but I’m just opinionated and idiotic like the rest of the problematic youths of today.

      3. Maxy, I know. I really don’t appreciate judgements but I feel that’s what the NAME feminism presents itself as. Because it highlights the FEM, it alienates anyone who doesn’t identify as feminine. The name is outdated and reflects the duality of men/women, so thus it inspires “man hate” or “woman hate” in people who only read the title but not the content. If you get what I mean?

  3. I believe the world is spending too much time putting labels on creatures instead of letting them be what they wish to be, allowing them to follow their dreams and accepting them as they are… I am what I am. living life my way and I am not looking for anyone’s approval… one can accept as I am or they can walk away, whatever floats their boat… 🙂

    “Confidence is knowing who you are and not changing it a bit because of someone’s version of reality is not your reality.” Shannon L. Alder

    1. Labels are useful because it helps people find other people that they can relate to, or which ones to avoid. However it is detrimental to think that these labels are rigid and unchanging, or that you can’t adapt them to suit yourself.

      1. I see… soooooooooooooo if person A puts a label (opposing your views) on person B, then you will avoid person B, even though the label may not be correct?…. just asking.. 🙂

      2. Lol. No, I’m talking about the labels we use ourselves. As self identifiers, then we know what to look for in others, or to avoid in other people. It’s in relation to self awareness, not manipulating or controlling other people. But when we tell people stuff, it’s really up to them to determine if it’s true or not. If it’s advice they should follow or not. Because every one is different. Gotta learn how to think of ourselves. When is independent critical thinking appropriate and when is it really overkill.

      3. Hmmmmmmm interesting… well, I am far too complicated to put a label on myself, would have to change it every day… annnnddddd seeing how it is difficult to imagine any other being, real or imagined, in the universe remotely thinking like me, cannot use me as a guide so cannot label them either, sooooooooooooooooo I guess I will just have to go through life being labeless.. sighhhhhhhhhh…. 🙂

      4. I like to make up my own labels! Because it’s fun to me 🙂 I’ve labeled myself “miscellaneous”. Its the only thing that fits me hah. Because I super like organisation.. But there are other wishy washy labels you could use if you thought it might be funny: variegated, multi-faceted, ultra-tool, an opal or opalescent, a chimera! ooooh! generally, any shape shifting or bastardised creature.

  4. I want to live in a world where everyone is treated with the same respect. That’s why feminism is something that should overtake itself. Only when it is no longer necessary, we have achieved what is to be strived for.

      1. That’s not easy to answer. So not with a simple yes or no. Does feminism understand itself as what it is, as an instrument to make up for deficits, to say goodbye as soon as that happens, then yes. But if he wants to make a name for himself by making men bad, then he is not only superfluous, but dangerous.

  5. I certainly and unabashedly consider myself a feminist. Having said that, feminism is often misunderstood as being ‘pro women’ and ‘anti men’, which is an understandable, but silly mistake to make. Feminism is about gender equality, i.e. equal rights for everyone. The kind of feminism that ‘bashes’ men is not feminism, but sexism in disguise (and a thinly veiled disguise at that).

  6. Totally my opinion and talking out of my ass (did not research, dont care to research) – Feminism is a socio-political movement that sought for women’s rights and stuff. It has evolved over time and has mostly achieved what it set out to achieve. However as society has changed so much so has the “goals” of feminism. Feminism claims to be about “equality for all” yet the name feminism provides a definite quality of favouring women. This name alienates anyone who may not identify with femininity. If “feminism” is really about equality for all, then a fucking renaming thing needs to happen. It needs to change its name to evolve with the times, and one that reflects it’s new or adjusted values. Just like global warming changed it’s name to climate change.

  7. I consider myself a feminist. Feminism simply promotes equality between men and women, particularly as is pertains to pay, opportunity, and other human rights. I think at its core, though, feminism is the idea that people have a right to be who they want to be no matter their gender. Women have the right to be successful business women or homemakers. Men have the right to be homemakers or business men. Neither should be shamed or prevented from taking the opportunities that are meaningful to them. It is also important to question if our differences are truly biological or social conditioning. Treat people as individuals. Realize not everyone’s preferences will be the same, and respect that.

  8. Feminism = equality
    It started as equity specifically for women but now it means equality for EVERYONE. Same pay for every one, no double standards for anyone… Some just “understand” it differently

    1. The name doesn’t indicate that though. People are lazy and ignorant (like me. I totally do this all the time) and just skim the headings and intro and form their whole response and opinions on that tiny iota of information. Thus a name is very important and feminism as a name doesn’t imply equality. It implies females are the superior sex. To me anyway. Because of “fem” – female, and “-ism” for a belief structure. Or something.

      1. It should. It’s just.. hmph. It’s difficult. It’d just say Humanism. Because we’re all humans right? Unless that offends people who don’t identify with humanity???
        But I dunno. Is humanism even a thing or is it affiliated with some other thingy? That’s what’s so annoying about nouns and brands and labels. Gotta watch out for them copyrightists!

  9. I am a feminist because I believe in equality for the sexes. Not woman above man or man above woman. Equal opportunities for all. No more double standards. Safety for all.

  10. I wrote a two part blog post on this topic. I’d love your opinion if you’re interested: https://licensetofeel.wordpress.com/2018/09/25/metoo-prologue/

    But in summary, I consider myself a feminist and I think feminism is grossly misunderstood. I also believe men and women both have to work together to have a better community and to improve the current state of affairs.

    Thanks for the like on my latest post, I look forward to reading some of yours 🙂

  11. I’m happy women have the right to vote and speak out. But what started out as a good intention created a small problem. As a female I’m okay with being seen as weaker in some aspects. For example lifting large objects.
    Some guys I know would offer help but they nolonger do because their help is seen as a statement of females not being equal.

    I guess it depends on how you see it.

  12. It’s a necessity. While people may believe (or want to believe) that women have caught up to men, it is clearly not true. We still make about $.75 on the dollar to our male counterparts in the workplace. Additionally, my spouse and I work in the same white collar office. It’s my understanding that when many of the men (including the supervisors) are behind closed doors, they objectify the females that work at our office. Individuals who do not understand these simple facts are engaged in willful blindness. It is time for women to demand better for ourselves.

  13. Another question: suppose you have University and wishing to learn there.
    Should handicapped have some quota?
    Should honored in some way people have some quota?
    Should some rare nations to have some quota?

    By other words: what is an equality? No exceptions or many exceptions to make people “equal”?
    What is a fair thing?

  14. I think at its core it is a good movement. I see it as the fight for equality of all sexes. And I fully agree with this.
    However, I think that it has been pushed too far towards women by some people. Women do need fighting for, in many ways. But men need help too. It’s about EQUALITY. And should be treated a little more like so.

  15. Feminism to me is like everyone has said on here about equality. However changing the name to fit the times is not necessary. We’d been taking away the power the word Feminism holds. It started with women. We don’t have a voice, we can’t vote, we can’t get a higher ranking job, we don’t get paid the same as men. People are going to hate what I say but unfortunately men were the ones that came up with this. It was men who decided women stay at home and cook for them and clean for them and raise the kids. It was men and today are still men who are voting for our rights as individuals. Feminism to me is having a voice in a world where a man is being treated like the higher being. We are all humans on one planet together. We have different qualities and different strengths. But no one is better than the other or weaker than the other. The name should never be changed because its focus is equal rights for women with men. The focus being women. Men need to embrace the fact that women have been treated unfairly throughout history. Men need to rise up and stand with us and fight for us. Men need to be the change for us. 💗

  16. I am a feminist because I believe in equal rights and opportunities for women. I believe the feminist movement is, and, was necessary. There was absolutely no justification for denying women the right to vote and random men should not be involved in any decision involving a woman’s body.

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