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A Radical Idea. (I’m Going To Write a Book.)

Just imagine, you’re sat fat, dumb and happy when BAM! Your engine shits itself. (And so do you.) Suddenly you’re forced to divert. You need to get on the ground pronto! Before you know it, there you are. Grounded with a bum engine – a million miles from the original destination you had in mind.  So, you find yourself sat around in your underpants on … Continue reading A Radical Idea. (I’m Going To Write a Book.)

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Art: It’s Just Not That Into Me (Or Most of Us)

Art doesn’t owe me (or anyone) any favors. It didn’t sell on becoming an artist like it was talking you into a time share. Art says, “You want to be an artist? Great. Best of luck,” and then it walks away, probably on its way to a gallery opening in the West Village, and leaves you to do the rest. Continue reading Art: It’s Just Not That Into Me (Or Most of Us)

How To Unlock Your Creative Genius

I was watching an interview with John Cleese recently and he said something that got me thinking. When asked about his creative process he said, “You cannot bully the subconscious. It simply doesn’t work.” He went on to say that his best work always happened spontaneously.  He still had a process of course, it’s just that the muse didn’t always play ball. Often the work … Continue reading How To Unlock Your Creative Genius