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The Best Option You Can Take

So, two things have happened to me recently.  Believe it or not, it’s been a year since I boldly decided to leave my former employer in Hong Kong and divert to Singapore. Since then, I haven’t tried to make much happen. Instead, I’ve taken the time to concentrate on reforming my inner world.  Still, I’ve kept my ear close to the ground on the off … Continue reading The Best Option You Can Take

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Why I Miss My Job but Don’t Regret Leaving It

My friends, family, and former colleagues often ask me whether or not I miss flying. It’s been a year since I handed in my resignation letter and decided to divorce from a 12-year career.  I’m incredibly fortunate to have had the time to decompress following all the political upheaval I was caught up in Hong Kong.  When people ask me if I miss it, my honest … Continue reading Why I Miss My Job but Don’t Regret Leaving It