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Would You Like to Sponsor Pointless Overthinking?

Pointless Overthinking has big plans to expand. These plans include creating a podcast, publishing a monthly newsletter, adding in-depth membership content, and creating and publishing a series of e-courses and e-books, all of this aimed at making the reader experience more enjoyable and enriching.

Until recently, the blog has been offering all its content for free; however, as you might imagine, operating and growing such a webpage takes money, especially now that we have such ambitious plans. To help us make all that happen, we are asking for your help.

If you are a PO reader and want to see the site continue to provide great content and expand its offerings, please consider sponsoring our site. From as little as 5$ you can have your name with a permanent link to your blog or site listed at the bottom of this page. See pricing plan below for additional perks.

When giving, simply include your name with a link to the site you’d like to promote (as applicable). This can be accomplished in the comments section of this page or via our contact form.

The majority of the proceeds will be invested back into the blog; however, five percent will given to a charity with the recipient being announced soon.

To all of those who continue to support our blog, thank you.

Sponsors Pricing Plan:

  1. Pay 5$ to get your name and the link to your blog listed below.

  1. Pay 10$ to add a short description of your blog/have an image or logo included.

  1. Pay 20$ for prime placement, and the ability to “sponsor” one of our articles (you will be mentioned and linked to at the end of one of our articles).

  1. Pay 30$ for the ability to have an article of yours reblogged on Pointless Overthinking.

Sponsor Pointless Overthinking

For just USD $5 have your name with a permanent link to your site placed here on our sponsors page. 5% of all proceeds will be given to charity.


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3 thoughts on “For Sponsors

    1. Hi there! Thanks for expressing interest in our sponsorship/advertising deals.

      To explain in more detail, if you want to advertise in our side bar – to be seen on every page of our site – we charge a monthly amount.

      If you want to be mentioned here on our sponsors page – to have your name and link to your blog permanently displayed – it’s a one off payment. 5$ for name and blog. 10$ to include a description.

      If you want to sponsor a blog post or pay to have a post of yours reblogged on the site – it will be a single payment for one post. (But that will include a permanent link with name/description here on our for sponsors page as well.)

      I hope this clears up our pricing plan for you. If you would like to discuss it further – feel free to email us directly:

      Warm regards,
      Pointless Overthinking 🙏

      1. Many thanks for that. I thought that was the case but it wasn’t that clear and I thought my question would help others as well as myself. Keep up the great work! Best wishes, Lynn

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