How Do You Deal with Anxiety?

Have you been lucky enough to have never dealt with anxiety disorders? Or, even worse, depression? If this is the case, you may not understand what it means to be in such a situation of psychological distress. Nevertheless, if you experienced anxiety, you may have faced some difficulties with your relatives, or also circle of … More How Do You Deal with Anxiety?

Fear of Imperfection, AKA Atelophobia

The etymology of “atelophobia” comes from the Greek atelophobia, a word composed of atelés (meaning imperfect, incomplete) and phóbos (or fear, phobia) and it means fear of imperfection.  A large number of people suffer from atelophobia, a constant feeling of imperfection and inadequacy. Discontent with one’s own aesthetic appearance, search for a perfection that does … More Fear of Imperfection, AKA Atelophobia

Why Everything Scares You To Death

The other night, while I was trying to sleep, I started thinking about the post I wrote last week where I stated that hatred is driven – at its core – by a fear of death. I couldn’t shake the idea that I was missing something fundamental. Naturally this started to make me feel a … More Why Everything Scares You To Death

Stuck in the Clouds: An Aviator’s Guide to Pointless Overthinking

I have a love-hate relationship with thinking. Sometimes, I get in these kinds of flow states where I follow my train of thought – connecting the dots along the way. When I follow my thoughts in this way, I find it euphoric. I often derive my best writing doing so.   This is all well and … More Stuck in the Clouds: An Aviator’s Guide to Pointless Overthinking

Neuroticism: The Cost of Consciousness

The Cost of Consciousness Neuroticism is the trait associated with negative emotions. It can be broken down into the following two aspects: Volatility and Withdrawal.  Those high in withdrawal may be described as anxious, self-conscious, depressive and easily overwhelmed. Whereas those high in volatility may be described as touchy, irritable and unstable. In contrast, those … More Neuroticism: The Cost of Consciousness

Why You Are the Words You Use

The words you use can change your reality. Language actually generates changes in your brains and changes your perception of the environment around you. Language is linked to emotions. Your words are constantly sending messages to your brain. According to neuroscientists Andrew Newberg and Mark Robert Waldman, negative words cause the increase of cortisol, the … More Why You Are the Words You Use

Angels and Demons

“No tree, it is said, can grow to heaven unless its roots reach down to hell.” ― CARL JUNG I spent most of my adult life trying to avoid suffering. It made everything worse. I spent my days waiting, hoping for my knight in shining armour. The funny thing is she existed, I just didn’t have the courage … More Angels and Demons

SnapDragon Speaks: On Anxiety

Written by SnapDragon X. All rights reserved. Copyright 2019. My name is SnapDragon, and I have anxiety. (Hi, SnapDragon.) It sucks. But it’s true. The first time I realized the out-of-body, paranoid nervousness I felt was anxiety, was roughly seven years ago. It happened while I was teaching my high school English classes. It was … More SnapDragon Speaks: On Anxiety

Between a Rock and a Hard Place

The other night I got into a pointless argument with someone after they decided to leave a comment on one of my older posts telling me that I should have my head examined. (A fair point in retrospect.) She said that Trump is a true American unlike Biden who is a horrible person. Naturally, she went on … More Between a Rock and a Hard Place

How To Make Love To Hate

“We must meet the forces of hate with the power of love.” – Martin Luther King, Jr. I’ve been thinking about hate recently. Not only because we’ve see so much of it this past year, but because I’ve felt some as well. Truthfully it got to a point preceding the US election where it broke … More How To Make Love To Hate

First Solo

There’s a term in aviation that all pilots know well called the first solo. It’s when a new pilot completes a takeoff, short flight and safe landing, all by him or herself, for the very first time. It’s basically the aviation equivalent of losing your virginity. You kinda line the aeroplane up with the strip, … More First Solo

Lessons from Taoism: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

It was at a university book sale where I was first introduced to the ideas of Taoism. Hidden away deep in the philosophy section, I picked up what initially seemed like a strange esoteric book – the Tao Te Ching. It was a short text, under 100 pages, that was filled with often puzzling language … More Lessons from Taoism: Ancient Wisdom for Modern Times

SnapDragon Speaks: On The Moment.

Yesterday I ate a piece of chocolate. Just a single square, wrapped in a golden foil. It had been chilled in the fridge. I like sweets this way. The cold and creamy sweetness danced on my taste buds. I savored it. For it was just another fleeting moment in time. . . . SnapDragon is … More SnapDragon Speaks: On The Moment.

SnapDragon Speaks: On The Mess.

I interrupt your regularly-scheduled blog reading to say: SnapDragon is not okay. Well, wait. That’s an exaggeration. I’m all right. I guess what I mean is: I get scared. I get overwhelmed. I get burned out. Don’t get me wrong. All things considered, I live a very privileged life. Security. Love. Comfort. Creativity. But that … More SnapDragon Speaks: On The Mess.