Upward Spirals

As I was writing my post last week, Good Mood of the Soul, I came across the research that joy and gratitude often result in an upward spiral. The more we focus on gratitude, the easier it is to perceive joy. And when in the midst of joy, we are more open to gratitude.

So here’s the list of things I’m grateful for this week:

For everyone that is willing to read why I am grateful for

That I can still hear the Click and Clack, the Car Talk brothers in the Cars movies.

The quiet way my three-year-old son says, “you are my best mom friend” to me so that I have to lean down to hear. In that position it goes directly from my ear to my heart.

That we have the ability to take pictures with our hearts.

The way it sounds when my daughter says, “I’m thankful for the tooth fairy.” while missing her two front teeth.

For out-of-the blue notes from individuals I admire telling me something I’ve done right.

That I’ve been able to learn, to some degree, how to fix the things that I’ve done wrong.

That broken eggs make food, literal and metaphorical.

For whoever invented yoga pants and made messy hair look sexy, at least on the West Coast. And if that was only in the 90’s and is no longer a thing, for anyone that continues to let me think that.

Speaking of inventions, whoever invented self-sealing water balloons that fill 20 at a time.

That life keeps giving me opportunities to learn that suffering just softens me up for the next great thing.

For every grown-up that showed me what vulnerability looked like when I was a kid.

For every grown-up that shows me what vulnerability is when I’m a grown-up.

For this necklace I bought on a whim and have worn for 20 years that says, “Strength is having a grateful life” and that I have grown into knowing what that means.

Cool sheets on a hot night.

That I have a bed to sleep in.

Green tea on dark mornings.

That connect-the-dots works in art and in life.

For the human traits of kindness, courage and generosity.

For the Divine traits of grace, faith, hope and love.

For the times I’ve been on my knees needing loyalty, courage, generosity, grace, faith, hope and love – and that what I’ve received in those moments has opened me up to knowing what those traits are in my bones.

I am grateful for upward spirals.

What are you grateful for this week? What have you learned about upward spirals?

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27 thoughts on “Upward Spirals

  1. I am grateful that the temperature has gone down today, I am grateful that it rained a bit during last night, and I am also that you published such a beautiful post Wynne! And that’s true, joy and gratitude result in an upward spiral!

  2. this was a much needed read tbh! with the busy life that’s been going on, we rarely get to pause and even think of many wonderful things we already have in life! thanks for this post, really felt good reading it! GOOD DAY!

  3. What a gorgeous post my friend. Nothing is more lovely than a heart of gratefulness. I’m thankful for the flock of chickens who keep my pasture manure free, for my son’s laugh, for being loved by a man who doesn’t care what size I am but is more interested in the kind of heart that I have, and for the rain that unleashes and makes my list of chores lighter.

  4. I am grateful for the classic scene in the film Kramer vs. Kramer that still makes me laugh- when Dustin Hoffman’s character says, “don’t you like your eggs crunchy?” This mantra still lightens me up, especially when I crack a piece of an eggshell in the bowl, after all these years as a short order cook. Thank you for this musing, and the invitation to speak up on that mantra Wynne.

    1. That’s hilarious, Ari! I’m so glad you contributed that to this thread — it’s cracking me up as I type this reply. Gratitude shared is lovely!! Thanks for commenting.

  5. Thanks, Wynne. Great piece! Thanks for reminding me that I have much to be thankful for. And I love the photo too! Your facial expression is prototypical “loving mom.”

  6. “Strength is having a grateful life.” Love that, and this list. (and yes to cool sheets on a hot night – and also flipping the pillow to the cool side!) May I add, I’m grateful for all the amazing posts you write Wynne. Thank you. 🙂🙏

    1. Yes – flipping the pillow to the cool side! Thank you for such a wonderful compliment, AP2. I’m blown away! And also so grateful for all your amazing writing and wisdom that you share!

  7. 💚 my son wrote to the tooth fairy and spelt it the way he says it ‘faewee’ 😁 What a lovely gratitude list, I hope your joy spiralled! Gratitude is a hot research topic these days, there’s so many reasons to practise 😊

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