A Magical Musical Tour

A couple of nights ago my toddler was sitting on the floor sorrowfully repeating, “It’s not fair!” And he was right. His sister had gotten my grown-up scissors out and then left them on the table where he could reach them. I tried to trade kids scissors for the grown-up scissors but he wouldn’t even go for a 2-for-1 deal. So I wrested the grown-up scissors out of his hand and left him empty handedly complaining about fairness.

I gave him a few moments to work through this. I told him I agreed but safety had to come first. Then I went over, picked him up and started singing, “Hush Little Baby” as I settled him on my lap. Holding him close with one hand, I fed him applesauce with the other.

When I finished, he was calm and my friend Deirdre, who had watched the whole scene was in tears. “That was beautiful” she explained when I looked at her wondering why. “You changed the whole vibration.”

All I’d done was what moms and dads have done for generations. The wisdom of the ages that music works magic.  The way that a tune can transport us across time and space, excite us or calm us, and bring us to tears. A song has that magic that can bypass the head and go straight for our hearts.

It reminds me of a memorable summer afternoon a few years ago when I was walking my dog near the zoo. They were preparing for a “zoo tunes” concert and playing songs I associate with high school like “Take On Me” (A-ha),  “Every Breath You Take (Police) and “Hungry Like a Wolf” (Duran Duran). With each song and step as I listened, I felt younger, more vibrant and my smile got bigger and bigger.

I’m wondering what a Pointless Overthinking music playlist would be. Would it be transformative or existential? Could it transport us to a space that us deep and philosophical? Or would it be a way to experience new thoughts from around the world?

If you’d humor me, please post in the comments a song to include and how it makes you feel. It doesn’t have to be your favorite song although it could be, or maybe it’s just something that just popped in your mind as you read this.

I’ll start and I’m trying not to overthink this: Life is Better with You by Michael Franti because it makes me thankful for the company of others along this journey.

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28 thoughts on “A Magical Musical Tour

      1. I love this suggestion, Cristiana. I had to look up the title when I was writing this post because I always think of it as Major Tom. You are so right – the legendary David Bowie! Thanks for this addition to the list!

  1. I like anything with Swing to it. I usually cannot remember the name of the songs or the artists. One of the swing tunes comes to mind is “In the Mood” and I also like “Mack the Knife”

  2. There are too many good songs, for different purposes and reasons. I sang my kids to sleep at night with a slow and soft version of Waltzing Matilda. For whatever reason, it was their favorite.

  3. One night, after hours of fractious, colic-induced crying, I got my two-month-old to sleep by singing “I wanna be where the people are” from “The Little Mermaid.” It was the only song with words I could remember in my frazzled state, and he loved it. He drifted off to sleep with me singing it on repeat, the first night of many. I no longer sing my son to sleep – he’s twenty-two now – but the song remains one of my favourites.

    1. Oh, I love this memory. That soundtrack is so good and I can see how that song would be so sweet. I bet, even though you don’t sing it to him anymore, that if your son hears that song it has a special place in his heart. Thank you for sharing this story, Em!

    1. Red hot chili peppers! Love this contribution, AP2 – brings back the 90’s for me. Maybe I can make a spotify playlist for PO. Wouldn’t that be fun?

      1. Hey Troy – yes I do. I haven’t listened to them in a long while. I’ll check them out again on Spotify. Thanks for the suggestion

      1. Changes all the time depending on what I hear and my mood. Can be a good or a bad thing. The absolute worst is when one song I can’t exactly remember turns into another song and it keeps repeating like that.

  4. Hi, Wynne. I love this blog and the question you ask. I think everyone should read the lyrics to Jackson Browne’s “Doctor My Eyes.” I won’t call it an all-time favorite, but the lyrics are so right on and powerful. For sheer creative energy, gutsiness, and inspiration, anything by Primus is off the charts. Just thought I’ve give you an “easy listening” piece and something other than easy listening, to add a bit of variety.

    1. Oh my goodness – I just read the lyrics to Doctor My Eyes and I’m blown away. Wow, that is so powerful. I’m posting them here courtesy of Musixmatch for anyone else who needs a big dose of Truth.

      Doctor, my eyes have seen the years
      And the slow parade of fears without crying
      Now I want to understand
      I have done all that I could
      To see the evil and the good without hiding
      You must help me if you can

      Doctor, my eyes, tell me what is wrong
      Was I unwise to leave them open for so long?

      ‘Cause I have wandered through this world
      And as each moment has unfurled
      I’ve been waiting to awaken from these dreams
      People go just where they will
      I never noticed them until I got this feeling
      That it’s later than it seems

      Doctor, my eyes, tell me what you see
      I hear their cries, just say if it’s too late for me

      Doctor, my eyes cannot see the sky
      Is this the price for having learned how not to cry?

      Songwriters: Browne Jackson
      For non-commercial use only.
      Data From: Musixmatch

      1. Pretty experimental and wild. May not be your cup of tea, but they are super creative–pushing the boundaries of what modern music can be. Their lyrics often make social commentary or are just plain sarcastic or funny.

        Their song “Tommy the Cat” might be a good place to start but they have lots of cool songs. Also, “My Name is Mud” is good. Also “Southbound Pachyderm.”

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