41 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 217

  1. An accurate representation of the present to use as a starting point along side a reasonable vision of the future. Will also need to refer to the past to know what brought you to the present.

      1. It does indeed. At this point I’d like to focus on family photography. At some point in the not to distant future, I’d like to dabble in wedding photography.

  2. Learning is ongoing and each day will be different. cannot go with any single piece of information….my live will improve as long as I live life and follow my heart… 🙂

    “Any piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at this moment exactly proportioned to my skill to deal with it. Tomorrow, when I know more, I will recall that piece of knowledge and use it better. “ Mark van Doren

      1. It’s about making the tiny actions in the immediate daily grind that will have the biggest changes later on. The biggest, easiest, most significant change people can do to improve their life is THINK. Everyday, THINK. Reflect on their day at the end of the day. Talk to someone about your day, or write about it.

      1. You came with a purpose and no one told you it? I made my own purpose, it’s great. If I were you I’d forget that built in purpose, if it were super important they’d tell you. “Let’s just give you a new one. How about digging? No you don’t have good digging claws…

        ECHO ECHO

      2. I see what you mean, but the philosopher in me would ask “why did you choose the purpose you did?” It seems like to choose is to assume a prior desire or want—and that seems to me to be linked with the notion of purpose.

        But of course it comes out the same either way: do what you want in the deepest part of yourself.

  3. I received a piece of information this morning that will improve my life in the short term. When I went to make a payment on my line of credit, I saw that my available credit had doubled without me even applying for it. Now, I can do the things for my family for the holidays that I wanted to do. That makes me very happy.

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